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New Smile Reviews to Help You Choose Between the Many Treatments


Getting a new smile can be a big decision for many people. Whether you’re just looking to improve the appearance of your teeth or need to correct more severe problems, you may be wondering what options are available. There are several factors to consider, including the cost, customer service, and longevity of the aligners. Here are some new smile reviews to help you choose between the many treatments.

Customer service

Despite its low-key charm, the widget isn’t cheap if you’re patient. However, ifu can afford the treatment and associated perks if the price is right. The cost isn’t out of hand if you have an HSA or insurance covering the cost of braces or Invisalign. NewSmile is one of the best places to shop for an affordable gizmo. It is worth the effort to check out the plethora of available options.

Not to mention that you’ll have a nifty time when you arrive at the practice facility. It is also worth the effort to speak with a live human. The customer service team is friendly, courteous, and efficient.


Unlike braces, which cost upwards of $7,500, New Smile offers an at-home solution to straighten teeth. Their prices are one of the lowest in the industry. This makes them a good option for those with moderate to mild teeth misalignment.

New Smile also has an app for tracking your progress. This app includes a timer, photo uploading, and a video demonstration. They also offer a free whitening solution.

NewSmile also provides a risk-free payment plan. This can include 0% interest over 12 months or a monthly payment option. The company also has periodic discounts if you provide your email address.

Invisalign vs. NewSmile

Choosing between Invisalign and a new smile can be challenging for patients, but it’s essential to consider all the options. Both companies produce clear aligners that straighten teeth. They are comfortable and less noticeable than metal braces, but each offers different advantages.

Invisalign provides a convenient, discreet option for teeth straightening. They use X-rays and photos to create a customized plan for each patient. They also incorporate attachments to help exert more force on the teeth. If the extensions are needed, they must be approved by the orthodontist before treatment can begin.

Invisalign offers two types of plans: daytime and nighttime. Both cost around $1,500, but the daytime plan is a little cheaper. The company also provides a more extended payment period. You can pay for your project over 11 to 12 months.

Treatment for minor crowding and spacing

Whether crooked teeth or a crossbite, a dentist can help you get a straight smile. Crowded teeth can cause severalblems, including pain, difficulty in cing, speech problems, and poor oral hygiene.

Some conditions can result in excessive plaque buildup, which can be a source of gum disease and other problems. Crowded, overlapping teeth can also be a hazard, especially for adults. These issues can lead to a bad bite and difficulty in cleaning.

There are several treatments for crowded and spacing with a new smile. The best method depends on your age and the extent of your problem. Some typical solutions for overcrowding include braces, retainers, and alignments.

In-office professional teeth scans

Taking an in-office professional teeth scan is a no-brainer if you have the time or money to spare. It also has the dubious distinction of being the most expensive. The cost of an in-office dental consultation minus the travel and hotel accommodations may be a small price to pay for the satisfaction of having a healthy mouth and a sparkling smile. Luckily, there is a company called Smile Dental Group that is committed to providing the most cutting-edge and state-of-the-art care in the region. The dental trifecta comprises five dentists and two on-call hygienists 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Longevity of aligners

Whether you choose Invisalign or traditional braces, the longevity of your aligners is essential to your long-term dental health. A new set of aligners will be issued every two weeks to maintain your treatment progress.

Wearing your aligners for the recommended 22 hours a day is an excellent way to ensure your teeth are always moving. You should also brush and floss regularly to keep your mouth healthy. In addition, keeping your aligners clean is essential to prolonging the life of your devices.

Choosing the proper sanitizer can significantly improve your overall dental hygiene. It’s best to use a sanitizer with a minimum of 60% alcohol. This will help kill off bacteria that could otherwise lead to gum disease and eventual tooth loss.