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NEBOSH Courses


To obtain a NEBOSH qualification, you must pass a written exam and practical assessments. The number of assessments and exams varies according to the chosen course. You must score certain marks in each section to pass the qualification. The overall mark is then determined by adding up all the unit marks. The results are sent by email within two months. If you have successfully passed all the tests and assignments, you will receive your NEBOSH qualification certificate.

NEBOSH certification

If you are interested in a career in health and safety, a NEBOSH certification course can help you get there. This international qualification gives you the essential knowledge to detect and manage health risks at work. It also gives you the practical skills to apply this knowledge. The course has three units, and each unit is assessed independently. Green World Group offers the course, delivered through live virtual training. Students can interact with tutors just like in a traditional classroom. They can also review missed classes with the help of recorded videos. The course is offered in various languages and includes complimentary multimedia e-learning courseware.

The NEBOSH certification course includes practical assessments and exams. The number of exams and assignments depends on the level of the qualification. For each qualification, you need to get a particular grade in each section and overall. The marks you receive for all the units will then be added together. Once you have completed the course, you will receive a certificate in approximately 20 days.

NEBOSH qualifications

Whether you work in a small business or a multinational corporation, NEBOSH qualifications will help you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure your workplace’s health, safety, and environmental performance. These qualifications are internationally recognized, which means they can be valuable assets in your career. In addition, international NEBOSH qualifications will impress employers and increase your chances of career advancement.

To gain NEBOSH qualifications, you must pass written exams and practical assessments. The number of exams and assignments will vary depending on the level of qualification you’re aiming for. You’ll need to score well in each unit to pass, and you’ll need to add up all the marks to receive the final grade for your qualification. Once you’ve completed all the assessments, you’ll receive a certificate from NEBOSH within 20 days.


The NEBOSH International General Certificate (NEBOSH IGC) course is divided into units: Unit IG1 and Unit IG2. The IGC course consists of 65 hours of classroom teaching and 40 hours of independent study. Students will attend classes from 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays during the classroom portion. They must also complete additional study and homework during their breaks. For the NEBOSH exam, learners must register five weeks in advance.

The NEBOSH IGC course is a popular training option for individuals seeking a career in health and safety. It provides a solid foundation for workplace health and safety. It is also considered the best qualification for those pursuing a rewarding career in the health and safety field. The course also features a new pattern of examination assessment. Unlike previous exams, the NEBOSH IGC exam can now be taken online.

NEBOSH Foundation Certificate

NEBOSH Environmental Certificate enables the holder to work in an industry or organization that needs to maintain environmental standards. The syllabus covers various practical issues and is based on international standards and best practices. Topics covered include controlling pollution within an organization and dealing with environmental emergencies. This course can also be completed online.

NEBOSH certification offers many benefits. This qualification does not expire after two years and gives you the skills and knowledge you need to begin your career in health and safety. Moreover, it also includes a series of related courses to build on your foundation. Global Edulink offers NEBOSH courses.

NEBOSH National Diploma

The NEBOSH National Diploma course is the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in health and safety and is available as a distance-learning course. The course supports career development and academic progression, making it the perfect choice for anyone interested in a career in health and safety.

The course is flexible so that it can fit around your existing work schedule. You can complete the course in two to three years. After that, you can study for the course part-time or full-time.

NEBOSH International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety

The Introduction to Oil and Gas, Operational Safety course aligns directly with the NEBOSH International Technical Certificate in Oil & Gas Operational Safety. Therefore, it is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to enter the industry. This course covers various topics related to safety and health in the oil and gas industry.

The syllabus for the course is based on internationally recognized standards and best practices. It covers safety management, hydrocarbon process safety, fire protection, and health and safety. It is aimed at those working in the oil and gas industry and newly appointed health and safety advisors.