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MyFXBook Review


If you are looking for a trading platform, MyfxBook is a great option to consider. It offers a range of advanced analytical tools, no transaction fees, and a solid reputation in the industry. However, it does have some drawbacks. To begin with, it cannot translate all languages. However, the software is still fairly usable and has many interesting features.

Myfxbook is a trading platform.

Myfxbook is a trading platform that allows you to see and analyze your trading performance. It can be made public or private, depending on your preferences. The platform will automatically calculate the risk for you based on your trading strategy, history, and other information. The risk table shows how much you stand to lose if you make a losing trade. For example, if you have invested $100 in stock, it would take 1112 losing trades before you lose 100% of your deposit.

Myfxbook also offers a variety of tools that can help traders analyze market data. In addition to providing access to charts and graphs, the platform provides a community for members to interact and share their charts and analysis. A user can browse and comment on other traders’ charts, and a trader can follow another trader’s account for more information.

It offers advanced analytical tools.

MyFXbook is an online forex platform that allows traders to connect multiple brokers to a single account. The platform features a variety of advanced analytical tools that enable traders to analyze market trends and make trading decisions. These tools include retail sentiment indicators, strong and weak currencies heat maps, and historical data.

In addition, Myfxbook has a community of more than one hundred forex brokers. Its social features allow traders to track, analyze, and compare each other’s trading activity. The platform’s social nature means it’s a welcome resource for traders of all levels. Despite being geared towards beginners, MyFXbook provides excellent analytical tools and resources for experienced traders.

It combines a trading platform, trader journals, and forex analytics with a forum-style community to create a safe, secure, and convenient platform. Users can share their performance information on their profile pages, which are updated every few minutes. This means that MyFXBook can be trusted to offer unbiased information about the performance of a trader’s system.

It has no transaction fees.

Whether a new investor or an experienced trader, you’ll find Myfxbook a great place to start your forex trading career. The company offers many advantages, including no transaction fees. They also have a very helpful forum where you can post your results and get tips. Myfxbook also lets you view your past performance, which you can use to improve your trading strategy.

The most significant benefit of Myfxbook is its no-transaction fees. You can trade forex and other investments with complete confidence without worrying about hidden fees. In addition, you won’t have to worry about losing any money. Since there are no transaction fees, you can easily start experimenting with different trading strategies and make the best decision.

It has a good reputation in the industry.

Myfxbook is a popular choice among traders as it has a solid reputation in the industry. They have a comprehensive range of tools, charts, and strategies available in the trading industry. The company also offers an app for mobile devices downloaded more than 1 million times in the Google Play store.

The company is based in Israel, but its members are worldwide. Users communicate mainly in English. The company’s founders had a clear vision of what they wanted to build when they launched it. The resulting product is a highly successful trading tracking tool. It is also the first social trading community specifically for the Forex market.