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Lucky Massage in Garden Grove


Lucky Massage in Garden Grove employs traditional and modern massage techniques to relax muscles and relieve stress, with affordable rates and services seven days a week. Their therapists are highly trained in multiple massage modalities and specialize in Swedish massage, which has been found to increase immunity and flexibility, reduce pain and stiffness, and improve immunity and flexibility.

Lucky Massage

Lucky Massage is a local massage studio offering an extensive array of services. Their certified therapists provide affordable pricing with flexible scheduling options available seven days a week and offer massage techniques designed to relax and refresh you and gift cards to get you started.

This company offers 5-star messages directly in the comfort of your home, hotel room, or office. Please book online or over the phone, using either credit or debit card payment and selecting from their available types of massage.

Zeel offers the most straightforward way to experience spa-quality massage in Garden Grove. Download their app or website, book a therapist quickly, and select from an extensive range of modalities like Swedish, Thai, deep tissue, and foot reflexology massage modalities; add aromatherapy or hot stones as unique add-ons – or schedule sessions immediately! You can book sessions directly or schedule them beforehand – any booking can take as little as an hour!

Asian West Massage Therapy

Ancient Asian healing techniques – from Reiki and shiatsu to acupressure – are becoming increasingly popular with spa clients today, drawing their interest as complements to traditional massage and bodywork services. Massage therapists who wish to increase their offerings by including Asian-influenced modalities can add these techniques into their repertoire to increase clientele.

Japanese Shiatsu and Thai Massage therapies balance energy channels within the body, drawing inspiration from Chinese medicine’s “five essential substances” or energies: Qi or life force, Jing or essence, Shen or spirit, Xue or blood, and Jin-ye or body fluids. Acupuncture and massage therapies support and encourage their flow within an individual’s system.

Western massage primarily treats physical body areas such as muscles and joints; Asian massage therapy takes an integrative approach that considers the mind, emotions, and the client’s energy levels or life force (Ki, Chi, or Qi) to address healing needs. A massage therapist addresses Ki, Chi, or Qi through meridians that run throughout their bodies that they stimulate using various methods such as rubbing, pressing, kneading, shaking, or percussion to promote client wellness.

Massage therapists must complete a course in Asian Bodywork to learn its techniques. These methods can then be combined with other massage types, such as Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release, to pinpoint and treat body tension areas that cause stress or contractions. Hot stone massage can also help ease these areas by placing different-sized stones onto various points on the body; this method has numerous health benefits for clients as it relieves stored tension while relaxing muscles and relieving injury-induced pain.

Zeel Massage On-Demand

Massage therapy has become an increasingly popular way of relieving pain, relaxing muscles, and managing stress. It can also supplement traditional treatments for illness and injury. With on-demand massage apps such as Soothe and Zeel now making massage available from the convenience of home, 220 million massage appointments are booked annually in spas, gyms, medical offices, hotels, and private residences worldwide.

Zeel was established in New York City and became the first mobile massage service offering same-day in-home massages. Their user-friendly app makes booking professional therapists simple; click a few buttons on their smartphone to secure one right to their home, office, or hotel! Their extensive network of licensed therapists offers Swedish, deep tissue, sports prenatal, and couples massages.

Users looking to book a massage need to select their desired massage type and gender of the therapist before selecting their appointment duration and duration time frame – the app will calculate an 18 percent tip for them when booking through this method. Once their session has concluded, payment can either be made directly through their app, cash payment, or card payment.

Massage therapists bring their table and supplies, so clients must provide a 6-foot-by-10-foot space free from clutter with clean linen for their massage session. You can schedule one as early as an hour away; massage therapists will arrive with music, lotion, and, more than likely, their table!

Soothe and Zeel have become two convenient services to quickly book on-demand massages, offering customers access to certified therapists within seconds of clicking their mouses. Though both companies boast large networks of certified massage therapists, Zeel may have an edge due to its premium membership program offering slightly more experienced therapists with discounted pricing options.

Zeel Massage Therapists

Zeel is the largest on-demand massage business, providing licensed therapists to your home or workplace 365 days a year. Their app makes booking a massage as simple as one hour; services include Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, and sports. You can even book couples massages or sessions with an esthetician or trainer!

Zeel makes booking massage appointments simple! Just select a type of massage, your preferred therapist, and date/time combination; choose whether you want one-off visits or regular meetings; enter address data (such as parking instructions or staircase access details); receive an email confirmation with a payment link and tip after the massage session is over!

Once a massage therapist has been accepted into our network, they’ll receive an alert whenever there’s a job request nearby that requires their services and bid on it using factors that remain mainly opaque to them (such as their user rating and past frequency of accepting submissions, for instance).

The Zeel app makes it simple and fast to book massage appointments from any of its 10,000+ therapists, providing fast and convenient service with excellent user feedback on both the Apple App Store and Google Play platforms.

Zeel was founded in New York City as the pioneering company to offer same-day in-home massages on demand to consumers using an app. Customers can book five-star massage services from licensed therapists at home. Zeel operates in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Southern California, and South Florida and continues its rapid expansion.

Cherie graduated from the Swedish Institute and has over ten years of experience working as a licensed massage therapist at various luxury spas. She specializes in multiple techniques, such as acupressure, CranioSacral therapy, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release massage, but what she truly enjoys most about her job is meeting new people and helping them relax.