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LiteForex Review


Liteforex is one of the best online trading services in the world. It is a highly trusted service that offers safe and secure trading services and transparent online trading. They have both MT4 and MT5 trading platforms and they are regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

MT4 and MT5 trading platforms

Liteforex offers both MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. These are both highly customizable platforms, which provide different trading capabilities. They are available on desktop, mobile and online. While MT4 is better for beginners, MT5 is better for experienced traders.

MT5 comes with a built-in strategy tester. This allows traders to backtest a trading strategy on multiple currency pairs.

MT5 also offers several economic calendars. The calendar tab provides traders with a schedule of important economic events. This helps them understand how these events affect the markets. The calendar tab also provides a forecast and impact of these events.

MT5 also provides a multi-threaded strategy tester. This allows traders to create trading robots that automatically implement different trading strategies.

MT5 also offers a more advanced reporting system. Reports track initial and final deposited values. The reports can be written in any supported language. They are also useful for strategy analysis.

MT5 provides a number of additional charting tools. It offers a more comprehensive array of financial instruments than MT4. It also has more in-built technical indicators.

Demo account

LiteForex offers a demo account, which allows new traders to test and refine their trading strategies without risking any real money. This is a good way for inexperienced investors to get a feel for the trading platform before making a decision to invest in a live account.

The demo account at LiteForex is free and does not have any time or asset limits. This means you can test out a wide range of trading strategies. It can also be used to study different trading features.

LiteForex offers a wide range of forex and trading strategy guides that are designed to help novice traders improve their skills. These guides include helpful diagrams and expert advice. They are also available in several languages.

You can open your Forex demo account in just a few minutes, which is an advantage for beginner traders who need a quick and easy way to practice trading. There are also a number of training sessions available on the LiteForex website.

Regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission

Among the regulatory bodies in Cyprus, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, known as CySEC, is responsible for ensuring the integrity of the Cyprus Stock Exchange. It also supervises and regulates mutual fund management companies and collective investment schemes.

CySEC has the power to issue administrative sanctions, such as freezing assets. In addition, it can impose fines and cease-and-desist orders on companies that have not complied with regulations. CySEC also has the power to inspect companies that are listed on the Stock Exchange, which includes brokerage firms, investment consultants, mutual fund management companies, and issuers of securities.

The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission is governed by Law 73(I)/2009. It is a public corporate body and is supervised by a Board of Directors. The Board comprises five members, including the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, and three additional non-executive members.

CySEC’s vision is to build the Cyprus securities market as the safest and most reliable place to invest. It regulates more than 200 investment firms.