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LeapFX Arbitron Review


Arbitron EA is an automated trading robot using an innovative arbitrage trading strategy, costing either $347 for three months of membership or $799 lifetime membership and providing unlimited support and updates. To check out about iganony viewer, click here.

The vendor of this software claims it can generate hundreds of percent a month; however, this cannot be replicated through real trading.


Arbitron is a forex trading system that promises to earn its traders thousands of percent per month by taking advantage of disparities between broker price feeds. Unfortunately, many brokers view such trading practices as dishonesty and won’t permit it.

This software scans charts for trading signals and makes trades automatically on behalf of its user, offering various risk management strategies to protect investments. Compatible with the MT4 platform and compatible with both desktop computers and mobile phones for maximum performance, as well as running on virtual private servers (VPSs).

LeapFX claims it was designed by two self-professed finance gurus named Alex and Nick, with backtest results showing consistent profits. Additionally, LeapFX provides two subscription modes; either $347 annually or lifetime; both options feature money back guarantees should you be unsatisfied with their service.

Platforms supported

LeapFX is an established developer in the Forex market that offers various automated trading programs such as Arbitron, Quick Scalp Trader and News Action Trader to assist traders in quickly turning a profit on the currency market by analyzing charts humans cannot do themselves and adhering to specific risk management strategies.

Arbitron is a high-speed forex trading system designed to generate massive profits using latency arbitrage. Based on MT4, this platform detects price feeds from different brokers to gain an edge against other traders and exploit pricing inefficiencies before the market adjusts them away.

This software can be purchased for either $347 quarterly or $799 lifetime with a 30-day, no questions-asked money back guarantee. It supports multiple Forex broker accounts as well as virtual private servers (VPS). In addition, this fully automated forex trading system specializes in Indices, Gold, Silver, and Oil trades.

Trading strategy

LeapFX Arbitron EA is an automated forex trading system that employs latency arbitrage to search for profitable trading opportunities in the currency market. Designed specifically for beginner traders, this unique strategy combines latency arbitrage and technical analysis for optimal trading success. Furthermore, this advanced forex robot features a built-in high-speed price feeder which updates prices faster than most MT4 brokers can.

Arbitrage trading is an innovative and controversial technique for identifying market direction, and often performs better when tested and used with demo accounts than real trading conditions due to factors like broker spreads and execution speeds that can influence its outcomes.

Alex and Nick, two alleged finance gurus, created this software which claims to make thousands of percent each month. According to its website, it takes advantage of slow broker price feeds by comparing them against faster ones – giving rise to opportunities to buy or sell currency pairs at a profit.

Risk management

Arbitrage trading involves capitalizing on price difference feeders to generate profits, often just seconds or minutes apart, to make a profitable trade. Risk management must always be applied when employing this system in order to prevent losses from occuring.

The vendor touts this Forex EA as an innovative expert advisor that utilizes latency arbitrage to quickly make massive profits in no time. Compatible with major currency pairs and the M1 timeframe, this product features premium price feeds with 30-day money-back guarantees.

The software was developed by two alleged finance gurus known as Alex and Nick, according to its company website. Both individuals claim a wealth of experience within the investment world. Furthermore, this fully automated and beginner friendly platform was designed to work with an array of brokers.