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Know More About TMVs


This is one unpleasant experience that you don’t want to repeat since it either makes you uncomfortable or burns your skin, causing you to suffer for days. In the bathtub, this has happened to several individuals. A thermostatic mixing valve has been installed in residential and commercial buildings at a rapid pace during the last few years, for a good cause.

Consider installing a thermostatic mixing valve if you’re constructing a new kitchen or bathroom or remodeling or upgrading an existing one. A TMV plumbing is a need in today’s showers. It’s safe, cost-effective, and easy to use. You will be protected from scorching with this showerhead.

A Thermostatic Mixing Valve is what?

The water temperature may be controlled by using a thermostatic mixing valve for the shower duration. When a toilet is flushed, and the faucet is opened, the water temperature in the shower is protected against rapid temperature swings. To ensure that the bather is not in danger, it responds directly to temperature fluctuations. The valve will cut off hot water if the cold supply fails to prevent scorching. The primary goal of this valve is to ensure that the temperature of the water is maintained at a constant level, even if it suddenly changes.

A Thermostatic Mixer’s Operation

When the temperature or pressure of the water supply varies, a thermostatic mixing valve adjusts the cold water mix to maintain the user’s preselected temperature, even if the temperature or pressure fluctuates significantly.

Using a Thermostatic Mixing Valve Has Many Advantages

A thermostatic mixing valve’s importance cannot be understated. A thermostatic mixing valve should be installed in the shower system to avoid a home accident and keep everyone safe. In the following paragraphs, we’ll describe the advantages of a thermostatic mixing valve:

Anti-Scalding Measures

Everyone has a different temperature threshold at which they are comfortable, and what works for one person may be terrible to another. As a result, each person should choose the water temperature in their bathroom sink and shower to their satisfaction. Temperatures may be controlled at various levels using a thermostatic mixing valve, which prevents scalding.

Thermal Shock Preventative Measures

The body’s response to rapid hot or cold water temperature shifts is called thermal shock. It’s common for people to leap out of the path while bathing with a specific amount of hot water temperature. Fortunately, using a TMV will prevent this from happening. Get your TMV plumbing done professionally for the best results.

Limiting the Growth of Legionella

Legionella bacteria may thrive in water kept at a lower temperature to avoid scalding and conserve energy, making it more susceptible to Legionnaire’s illness.

Inconsistent Water Temperatures are eliminated.

A thermostatic mixing valve will end the uncertainty of what temperature you obtain from a faucet. Uncomfortably hot water or freezing water cascading on you in the shower is not something you want to encounter when taking a bath or washing your face. A thermostatic mixing valve may avoid all of these issues.

Safety feature that works well

Establishing a thermostatic mixing valve to control and give an exact water temperature is possible. The thermostatic mixing valve will shut off the water supply if the water temperature exceeds the setting you select. There is a safety feature for elders and youngsters who may not rapidly alter water temperature. This function is sensible. Every house should have a thermostatic mixing valve fitted as part of its safety system as a whole.

No significant alterations are required.

To install a thermostatic mixing valve, there is no need to damage your home or dig into the tiles and walls to access your water pipes. Installing these devices is quick and straightforward, and you’ll be safe from scorching and other hassles as a result.

Increases the value of your home when it comes time to sell.

Installing a thermostatic mixing valve is one of the upgrades you may do to increase the market value of your property if you’re planning to sell it. When looking for a house to purchase, don’t forget to check out the bathroom. And who wouldn’t pay more for a better restroom? In addition to selling your home for a fair price, a thermostatic mixing valve can help you sell it more quickly since it will appeal to a wide range of purchasers. This is a must-do improvement if you want to get your house on the market soon.

Showers should have thermostatic mixing valves installed to help avoid all kinds of mishaps and keep everyone who uses the storm safe. If anything goes wrong in the rain, the installation cost will be a fraction of the cost of the medical care. As a result, a thermostatic mixing valve is a worthwhile investment that will improve the quality of life for everyone in the home.

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