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Keeping yourself Safe Accepting PayPal Bills


Although PayPal does offer numerous preventative measures to help secure you from fraudulent transactions, the potential health risks of using PayPal as the merchant are still apparent. PayPal is currently offered to 190 International locations and 18 currencies. Because the only Countries currently qualified to receive a confirmed (seller/buyer shielded by the PayPal policy) PayPal shipping address are North America, the USA, and the UK, this particular in itself leaves the doors uncovered to scam artists. How to buy paypal business accounts?

You will find ways for International retailers to “verify” their accounts, meaning they’ve verified their shipping address and possibly a few other details making the transaction a bit more safe on your end; however, without a confirmed PayPal delivery address, you as an owner are not covered under the present seller protection policy for an upset. However, if you’re a small home seller and use PayPal to accept a settlement, eBay has stated that they may offer seller protection any time shipping to International contact information, even if they’re “Unconfirmed” or maybe International. The goal is to increase seller confidence and income and offer more purchasing electrical power for eBayers abroad.

Via my years of experience applying PayPal as my principal merchant account on both my Craigs list PowerSeller account and this e-commerce website, the following are several preventive measures to help you stay practical when using PayPal.

1). Be sure to state your terms involving sales in all your listings/websites. If your buyer sends some payment from an unconfirmed PayPal account located inside eligible zones (Canada, US, UK), kindly request they own the account Confirmed along with PayPal, or you will not be in a position to ship the item. This will generally grab their attention. Credit reporting a PayPal address inside the eligible zones is quite simple and only takes around a quarter-hour, although you need a charge card, or the process is lengthier. If the buyer has higher feedback or a PayPal score, you may be OK; everything depends on the product’s value.

2). If an International purchaser has completed the payment, take the extra step to become proactive to protect yourself from the fraudulent transaction—view through which the payment was sent. There are certain areas to be cautious when receiving repayments (Nigeria to my encounter especially). Don’t take anything at all for granted when shipping Worldwide. Send the buyer a message saying that you require additional information from them because they did not meet your minimal tenure for the transaction.

Demand that they confirm with you the actual address that the item ought to be shipped to (should match with PayPal/eBay address, when it doesn’t match, cancel the transaction typically), home telephone number (if unavailable cellular), whether the shipping and delivery address is business or maybe residential and references to the other transactions the buyer could have recently completed using PayPal. You can then call PayPal to confirm these details. A good indicator of a fraudulent buyer is usually when they do not respond to your message to acquire additional information or if they use a threatening method to get you to ship.

If either of these transpires, refund the payment quickly. I typically give seventy-two hours to the buyer as a better alternative to the message. If the consumer responds in a threatening subject, report the message for you to eBay/PayPal, and they should be able to take those appropriate measures to check further to see the individual. If they leave you negative feedback on eBay due to an issue, report it to eBay. They’re normally very good and will have the comments removed.

3). NEVER DELIVER TO AN ALTERNATIVE ADDRESS OTHER THAN WITHIN THE PAYPAL PAYMENT. This is very important. Numerous scam artists will demand that you ship the item to a different address, and they will pay you additional to use express support, such as DHL or FedEx, to another Country or city along with a little bit more for the “inconvenience.” This is the #1 PayPal rip-off that will get you every time. When you send the item to the options address and receive this, they will initiate a PayPal dispute stating that they never received the item. At that point, you should have no proof that you delivered the item to the address mentioned on their PayPal account, and the funds will be returned to the buyer.

4). Another main indication of a scam may be the buyer will change their delivery information within PayPal/eBay soon after the transaction or after the basic tracking information has been obtained. I require a three working day order processing time frame harmless, as most PayPal notifications concerning possible unauthorized transactions will be sent in this time frame and will protect you before shipping and delivery of the item. If you’ve already sent the item, PayPal will require a traveller on the shipment to help handle the situation, but the time frame for the resolution is quite tedious.

5). If the buyer tries to run the shipped item, it could also be suspicious. However, there are some legitimate reasons why some buyers would like to have the piece shipped on the same day; truly in your best interest for you to abide by your policy about International shipments and unconfirmed shipping addresses, as this could save you a lot of time and money.

Unfortunately, several buyers will use this tactic for you to expedite their scamming course of action. Once the item is sent, you will find a little amazement; they’ve changed all of their data within their eBay/PayPal account and claim that you shipped that to the wrong address. Though both eBay and PayPal have very robust methods to detect suspicious tasks such as this, the turnaround for the resolution can be long, so you could be out of funds until they eventually resolve the situation.

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