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Just Fashion Now Review


Just Fashion Now offers fashionable pieces at competitive prices to add a well-curated wardrobe on a budget. Additionally, they often run promotions.

As with many Chinese-based cross-border sites, Alibaba Global Online Shopping has quality and return policy issues. Customers must cover high return shipping costs from China, and finding refunds if the goods delivered were of poor quality can often prove difficult.


Just Fashion Now was established in 2016 as a fast fashion e-commerce website offering trending styles at designer boutique quality for women. Their goal is to increase women’s confidence through fashion by offering various products. Their team of stylists and designers work tirelessly to identify new fashion trends while checking every detail for quality assurance.

Just Fashion offers an expansive selection of dresses for summer, floral prom, and casual occasions, as well as tops and outerwear such as plus size blouses, t-shirts, tank tops, camisoles, sweaters, and hoodies, as well as coats, cardigans, jackets, ponchos, capes, and capes.

The site also offers various accessories, such as bags and shoes. According to their guarantee, orders are processed and prepared for shipping within 3 – 5 business days of being submitted – options for shipment include postal service, expedited postal, and express shipping services.

Customers frequently criticize websites’ return and refund policies as it makes it hard for customers to claim back their money if they receive poor-quality goods, particularly if the company refuses to accept returns or only permits a short window for refund requests.

Easy-to-navigate website

Just Fashion Now offers an extensive selection of clothing at low prices and clearance discounts on new and “in” fashion trends. However, there have been concerns raised regarding their quality: many customers have reported issues such as poor color contrast, sizing issues, and delivery of garments later than anticipated; leading some to question if Just Fashion Now is indeed a legitimate company.

The company emphasizes its extensive resources for tracking fashion trends and product quality. They aim to offer their customers trendy fashion styles at designer boutique quality. Furthermore, the company claims that they support local designers and manufacturers while using nontoxic OEKO-TEX dyes and recyclable packaging; additionally, they belong to B Corporation, an organization that puts people and the planet first.

When shopping online for clothing, you must find a store with an easy-to-navigate site. One way is by clicking through categories on the left side of the page; this will help you quickly locate what you want. Alternatively, searching by name can also work.

An essential aspect of an online store is its payment process. A great website should accept various credit cards – PayPal is preferred – as well as offer international money wire options and the flexibility to change or cancel orders without penalty if necessary, saving both time and money. In addition, ensure the website is safe for maximum user protection.

Return policy

Customers expect fast and hassle-free returns and refunds when shopping online. If an item doesn’t meet expectations or doesn’t fit properly, customers should have easy access to returning or exchanging it – an ideal store will permit returns without incurring restocking fees and offer relatively low or free shipping costs for either replacement or refund options; unfortunately Just Fashion Now lacks these advantages, offering instead high return shipping costs to China that deter most shoppers.

Just Fashion Now has an ineffective return policy, and this is one of the main reasons many label the website a scam. Although they claim designer boutique quality apparel, there have been multiple reports of poor quality complaints; refund or exchange processes after returning an order are difficult and time consuming.

Just Fashion Now offers only a 15-day return window, which is relatively short compared to other online stores. In addition, customers must bear return shipping costs, an unfavorable practice. In general, Just Fashion Now only accepts returns if customers can demonstrate the item was inferior quality and provide proof.