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Isobaa Merino Review


Isobaa Merino offers clothes that keep you cool, dry, and odor free during outdoor pursuits. Their shirts feature premium-grade merino wool, which provides thermoregulation in hot climates while remaining moisture-wicking and sweat-odor resistant when sweaty.

Isobaa only purchases its merino wool from suppliers not practicing mulesing, an intensive but cruel process used on sheep. This helps make their clothing both ethical and sustainable.

The fabric

Isobaa is a clothing company with ethical and environmental considerations at its core. It uses sustainable materials that offset its carbon footprint as a climate-neutral company and works closely with its supply chain to limit product impacts as much as possible.

This soft and breathable merino wool base layer is soft yet breathable, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying, an ideal combination for camping and hiking adventures! Quick drying with natural antimicrobial properties also makes this an excellent addition.

Merino wool may not last as long as synthetic fabrics, but it can last years with proper care. Being antimicrobial, it doesn’t require washing as frequently, saving both time and money! For best results use cold water on the gentle cycle washing machine to clean merino wool items; air drying should always be preferred over tumble-drying.

The fit

Isobaa’s Merino Wool Base Layer is well crafted. Featuring soft yet not-too-thick wool fibers that ensure optimal comfort during all activities, its material breathes easily while naturally resisting odor and providing excellent thermal properties. It keeps you warm when temperatures drop while simultaneously wicking sweat when temperatures increase.

It comes equipped with a zippered chest pocket and thumb loops for extra warmth and can be washed and dried by rinsing with cold water and air drying – although be cautious as polyester may shrink, and take special care when doing this.

Isobaa has crafted outdoor performance merino wool garments for over two decades. Utilizing eco-friendly materials and working to be carbon neutral, they source their yarn from sheep treated humanely and raised with welfare in mind; additionally, they work closely with suppliers to reduce their impact and ensure ethical wool harvesting from suppliers.

The style

Isobaa’s base layers feature flat seams, offset shoulder seams to prevent backpack strap rubbing, and underarm gussets to reduce chafing. Furthermore, these garments are antimicrobial, so they don’t need washing as frequently as synthetic clothes.

This long-sleeved Merino hoodie is ultra comfortable to wear. Perfect for hiking and backpacking trips, its temperature-regulating properties provide warmth in cold conditions while cooling you off in warmer environments. Plus, it dries quickly while remaining naturally odor resistant!

Isobaa’s ethically-sourced merino wool comes from Australia, where the company sources its fibre from ethically treated sheep. No mulesing practices, such as cutting away skin to help prevent flystrike, are employed by this brand – making their products perfect for anyone concerned with how their clothing is made! They also produce other gear, including hats, socks, and underwear.

The price

Isobaa offers some unique clothing that puts environmental and ethical considerations front of mind during their design process, from the sheep that provide wool to those responsible for manufacturing it. Of course, producing such quality gear comes at a price: typically, merino wool products are more costly than their synthetic alternatives.

This long sleeve Merino jersey boasts many thoughtful details that ensure maximum comfort, such as flat seams to prevent chafing, offset shoulder seams that minimize backpack rub, underarm gusset panels for unrestricted arm movement without stitch catch-up, as well as printed care instructions directly onto the fabric instead of scratchy labels.

Isobaa only uses a small percentage of merino wool in their Blend socks, which I find beneficial. This lower proportion allows you to wear them for multiple days without washing and maintains their odor resistance; plus, they’ve included terry loop construction at the bottom half for increased insulation properties.