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iPhone Scanner Alternatives


While you might have heard about Apple’s built-in iPhone scanner, you may not have realized that you can use other apps to scan documents on the go. The built-in camera and JotNot apps are great, but what are the benefits of using a third-party scanner? In this article, we’ll look at some of the options available. Hopefully, you’ll find a scanner you love! Until then, check out the alternatives listed below.

Apple’s built-in scanner

You can scan documents right from your iPhone with the built-in scanner if you have an iPhone. This feature is similar to scanning a document but with a few limitations. For instance, Live Text only supports ten languages, so it may not detect certain language combinations fully. But if you need to scan text in a document and want to save it, you can use a scanner app for iPhone instead. But if you need to scan documents with more advanced features, iPhone apps are also designed specifically for this purpose.

For the iPhone, Apple’s built-in scanner works well for various scanning tasks, from quick passport scans to homework submissions. It even has a feature to store scanned documents in notes, making it ideal for quick reference. However, it’s not suited to bulk scanning and only works in page-by-page mode. For this reason, we recommend using an app like Scanner+ that allows you to scan multiple documents simultaneously.

The Scan Documents feature works well for scanning paper documents and photos. In addition, this feature works well against a high-contrast backdrop. The iPhone or iPad will continue to capture images until you tap Save. Afterwards, you can load them in Preview as a single document. You can also save them to PDF or save them to your iPad. This feature is available in many Apple apps and even some third-party apps.

Another free app for scanning documents on the iPhone is iScanner. This app provides an excellent barebones interface and offers export options to Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. It also has top-notch text recognition. Again, this app is free, but if you want more features, you can sign up for Office 365. A paid subscription to Office 365 will unlock more options, such as syncing with other apps.

Another app for scanning documents on the iPhone is PDF Scanner. While the built-in scanner of an iPhone is very useful for many uses, it is still not the best scanner for your Mac. Nevertheless, the PDF Scanner is a good alternative to Apple’s built-in scanner, as it promises crisp scans. And since it supports Batch Mode, you can scan many documents with the same app. The app is also extremely easy to use.

Scannable documents are easily accessed from the camera of the iPhone or iPad. You can even rename them with the help of iCloud. The saved document will be visible everywhere in your iCloud account. Just be sure to stack the documents to scan them properly. Once you’ve scanned multiple documents, you’ll notice a badge that indicates the number of pages scanned. Then, you can save them in PDF format.


You might want to check out the JotNot iPhone scanner if you’re looking for a cheap iPhone scanner. This free app lets you scan any document into PDF or image files. It also works with business cards and whiteboards. The basic version converts documents to JPG, BMP, and PDF files. If you want a more robust feature set, you can purchase a $2.99 pro version. JotNot uses image processing technology to remove shadows, sharpen contrast, and recognize printed text.

After selecting a document, you can choose the view where you want to scan it. You can select a particular document by tapping on it. Then you can preview all the pages in the document. If you need to edit the document, tap the document’s top right corner to make changes. You can also use the Document Picker view to change the background colour. Using the JotNot iPhone scanner is easy, and there are several settings you can customize.

The JotNot iPhone scanner app has had a few known bugs since November 26th. The app may crash if you can’t open PDFs in version 1.3. You can delete the saved PDFs and reinstall the app to resolve this issue. The latest version also fixes an issue with image stabilization. To make sure you can use JotNot, you must upgrade to iPhone OS 3.1 and update to JotNot’s latest version. If you’re having trouble installing the app, you can always temporarily turn off image stabilization in the app’s settings.

JotNot iPhone scanner is the easiest way to save a digital copy of a paper document. The app utilizes advanced image processing algorithms to scan documents so that the final files are clean and crisp. The app is so easy to use that millions worldwide rely on it. It has won praise from TechCrunch, MacWorld UK, and The New York Times. If you want to buy a JotNot iPhone scanner, I highly recommend it. If you are unsatisfied with the free version, try the JotNot Pro option. It’s a one-time payment, and it’s a great choice.

Continuity Camera

If you’re looking for an iPhone scanner compatible with the latest operating systems, you’ve come to the right place. Continuity Camera supports up to eight different apps. This program enables you to take photos on your Mac and scan them right on your iPhone. However, it may be best to opt for a separate scanner if you’re looking to scan documents. The software requires iOS 12 or later and a Mac with Mojave or higher.

Continuity Camera for iPhone scanner works with Mac and PC systems. It allows you to take pictures and scan documents and even use them in other applications. If you use an iPhone, you can import photos from your camera roll directly to a desktop or folder on your Mac. You can even take photos with your iPad. The Continuity Camera for iPhone scanner works with various apps, including Notes, Mail, and Safari.

The Continuity Camera for iPhone scanner also works with Windows and Mac operating systems. The two devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network and use the same Apple ID. If your iPhone is logged into your Mac, you can use Continuity Camera in many popular apps, including Microsoft Office Suite and many others. In addition, it works with Macs and PCs running iOS 12.

To scan documents, you can open Continuity Camera and select “Scan Documents” from the menu. Then, you can drag the document’s handle to adjust the size and orientation of the document. When you’re finished, you can save the image. The Continuity Camera for iPhone scanner is compatible with Macs running macOS Mojave and iOS 12.

Using Continuity Camera to scan documents and photos on Mac is easy and convenient. It’s even easier than ever before. You’ll be able to import photos and documents from your iOS device directly to your Mac. With this technology, you’ll save time, money, and energy. Moreover, the Continuity Camera for iPhone scanner can help you to scan any documents or photos from your iPhone or iPad.

Continuity Camera for iPhone allows you to scan documents with your iPhone without additional accessories. The camera in your iPhone is quite good and should not cause any issues with scan quality as long as you have enough light to take the photo. It’s one of the few ways Apple’s devices can seamlessly communicate. So, if you’re looking for an iPhone scanner, you should look no further.