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Instagram Lead Generation Funnels


As I previously stated, a funnel is just an automated method of guiding a prospect or customer through your sales process. It is preferable to keep things simple. I’ve already discussed digital or internet funnels. Some essential elements or parts make up funnels, and a given funnel may include some, many, the majority, or even all the details. These components could consist of: Read the Best info about Instagram Repost Bot.

  • An advertisement or other method of enticing a lead to enter the funnel
  • A catchphrase
  • A salutation
  • A description of the problem you are attempting to solve
  • The answer you offer
  • Your proposal
  • Contact information gathering
  • Payment collection
  • A page of thanks
  • A message of confirmation
    One or more educational or relational messages

Your offer may contain – – the main offer

– an upsell – a cross-sell
– a cross-promotion

A brief and essential lead-generating funnel can have a problem statement, a lead magnet offer, contact information collecting, and a thank-you/delivery message. It’s usually ideal to “strike while the iron is hot,” so to speak, and offer something for sale as soon as you get their contact information, but we’ll get to that in a minute.
Using DM automation tools, you can now establish a funnel directly within Instagram’s Direct Messaging stream. Traffic is frequently the most challenging and expensive issue for those building a funnel. Any Instagram account with 10,000 or more followers has the potential for a consistent traffic flow.

DM automation systems (such as Chatmatic, which my marketing agency utilizes) allow you to automate discussions with prospects based on them DMing an Instagram account. Chatmatic also will enable you to start a conversation with someone who engages with a post or Instagram Story you’ve shared.

The dialogue is the funnel; you don’t need complicated pages or to move the prospect away from Instagram, where they’re already at ease. The DM automation tool allows you to provide candidates with options (“Is your basement too wet or too dry?”, “What size shirt do you wear? Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL” and so on), capture contact information such as an email or phone number, and even send a digital file or information by providing a button with an embedded URL.

Because the DM automation tool can capture contact information (name, email, mobile number, birth date, and so on), you can subsequently transfer this data to an email list or equivalent contact database. Most significantly, you may use the Instagram funnel to contact your prospect within 24 hours and attempt to sell them something related to the issue your funnel addresses. For example, suppose you provide home heating and cooling solutions, and your automated discussion was about a prospect’s basement difficulties.

Once you have their contact information, you may send them a PDF about basements and why it is critical to maintain a stable temperature and humidity level. You can contact that prospect again inside Instagram’s 24-hour contact window. You can offer to sell them a dehumidifier if they say their basement is too wet. If the air is arid, provide them with a humidifier. If they accept either offer, you can then provide upsells (“Keep your new equipment in great form with our maintenance kit: normally $250, now only $198”) and downsells (“Don’t need the entire kit? Get the brush and cleaning fluid for $49 including S&H”) on your website’s sales page, or even from the Instagram chat itself.

By adding the prospect’s contact information to a list, you may continue to create a relationship with them and send marketing messages to them. Why is it vital to get followers “off the algorithm and onto your list”? The current Instagram mechanism will only expose your posts to roughly 8% of your followers. Around 16% of your list will see an email message, thus increasing your contact capacity. And SMS, or text messages, are opened within minutes by 90% of recipients!

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