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Importance of Using Cyber Technology To Protect The Cyber Attack      




IT For Cyber Attack

The use of cyber technology, mobile devices, and messaging networks has remained a strategic weapon in assisting the Iranian opposition and protesters in organizing, exchanging information among locals, and spreading their message around the world. The NCRI event on July 17th showed how technology would help spread the idea of a free Iran. With the ongoing demonstrations in Iran, such activities are likely to continue and be intensified. It is past time for a holistic فناوری اطلاعات plan involving countries and the private sector to assist the Iranian people and their resistance movement in achieving their goals.


Importance of IT For Cyber Attack

It is important to back the Iranian people’s demand for unrestricted Internet access free of the regime’s censorship and surveillance. It’s crucial to protect the NCRI’s growing presence from Tehran’s cyber-surveillance, espionage, misinformation, and attacks at home and abroad. The call to action is for the free world to rally behind Maryam a rising voice for democracy in Iran.


In today’s Iran, the value of the فناوری اطلاعات powered services sector is undeniable. IT and telecommunications infrastructure continue to be built and improved across Iran as IT has begun to penetrate deeper into the country in recent years. Employees in Iran will have more job opportunities as a result of this expansion, which will also increase the availability of e-business, e-commerce, e-learning, and e-government in the region. The growing value of IT in the country has an effect on improving the standard of education and healthcare.


Protect From Cyber Attack

The three most important IT-related organizational issues in Iran, as seen in this chapter, are revenue-generating IT technologies, business agility and pace to market, and coordination between IT and business. Enterprise device convergence, networks and telecommunications, and ERP systems are the main three technology concerns. Despite tremendous work pressure, IT employees say they are reasonably satisfied with their employment.


Cyberwarfare is one of Iran’s main tactics in this region, with هکر— with varying degrees of success against both public and private sector targets in rival countries.


Emails allegedly from the far-right American extremist organization the proud boys were sent to voters in many states, including Alaska and Florida, warning “We will come after you” if they did not vote for President Trump.