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IdealEstate Reviews – How IdealEstate Can Help You Buy a Home


Idealestate reviews are based on customer experience and ease of use. Customer experience measures the helpfulness of the company’s representatives, and ease of use measures the ease of signing up and using the dashboard. In addition, Ideal Agent’s customer service representatives have licensed realtors. While other agent matching services do not require their concierges to be licensed, Ideal Agents does.

2% listing fee

While saving money by listing your home for a 2% listing fee is tempting, it’s essential to understand what this fee includes. While some services may offer limited or even a flat fee, the best 2% listing fees come with comprehensive services and discounted rates. For example, some 2% listing fees come from discount brokerages, while others are part of an agent-matching service.

The service offers many benefits, including pre-screened agent matches, professional photography, and video tours. It also has a 2% listing fee, which is lower than most other services. However, it does charge a referral fee, which is standard for low-commission agent matching services. In addition to the 2% listing fee, Ideal Agent also includes floorplans, 3D tours, and drone footage to promote a listing.

A 2% listing fee for a home is still a reasonable price compared to a real estate agent’s average 2.5-3% listing fee. This fee is also lower than what many discount agents offer. Some brands offer listing fees as low as 1%. However, while Ideal Agent offers a 2% listing fee, it falls behind its competitors in other categories. For instance, Clever Real Estate charges a flat 1% fee for listing homes, while Redfin offers a discount listing fee of 1.5% for homes over $350,000.

Lack of local agents

While most Ideal Agent reviews are positive, customers also complain about the lack of local agents. The reason may be the service’s limited network. Only around 2,000 agents are part of its network. So if you’re looking to buy a house in a rural area, it may be best to choose a different service. Clever Real Estate, for example, has a more extensive network and a dedicated sourcing team that can find you agents in different locations.

The customer experience is judged using two metrics. First, customer service is graded on how helpful the company’s representatives are. Second, ease-of-use refers to how convenient the dashboard and sign-up process is. In addition, Ideal Agent uses agents who are licensed, which is not valid for other real estate networking services.

Ideal Agent matches buyers and sellers with real estate agents with a proven track record. This can be not easy if you’re not in a big city, but the agents are highly qualified and have proven themselves in the field. This way, you can choose the one you feel most comfortable with and trust.

Customer service

The IdealEstate customer service department provides clients with a wide range of support options. The company has an extensive network of real estate agents and brokers. This network allows members to create and maintain valuable connections with other real estate professionals. They can also broadcast their needs to the entire network. The more extensive the network, the more likely someone will respond.

Customers generally praise the concierge service provided by Ideal Agent. Most of its concierges are licensed, real estate agents. That’s unique – not many agent-matching services use licensed concierges. However, some customers have complained of being matched with agents who lack local knowledge. One mystery shopper found this to be an issue.

IdealEstate’s concierges respond to inquiries via email, text, and phone. The concierges were very responsive to inquiries, though occasionally, they weren’t available. The company also has a toll-free number that customers can call during regular business hours. In addition, the company guarantees a 2% listing commission with its network of agents. Ideal Agent also offers 2.5% buyer’s agent’s commission.