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Howa Mini Action Stock


Howa offers its 1500 Mini Action receiver in three barrel configurations, each tailored specifically for its target game: Lightweight with a #1 contour at 20 inches; Standard with a #2 hunting contour at 22 inches; and Heavy cut to a #6 contour.

Boyds provides an assortment of hardwood replacement gunstocks for the Howa 1500 Mini, continually adding to our offerings based on customer requests.


Howa Mini Action stocks are ideal for hunters who require lightweight firearms while in the field. Constructed using a Mini EXCL Lite chassis paired with Howa barreled actions, this rifle offers accurate hunting/target shooting at minimal weight with its three different barrel configurations: The lightweight version uses #1 contour for a 20-inch barrel and Standard features #2 hunting contour with 22-inch barrel length; both versions weigh only 5.7 pounds – perfect for mobile hunters wishing to carry lightweight firearms all day long!

The EXCL Lite chassis is constructed of synthetic material that is both lightweight and durable, featuring a pistol grip designed for ergonomic comfort and excellent trigger feel. Furthermore, the magazine release is located for convenient access, while the bolt handle sits directly over the trigger for smooth reloads. Both options come with traditional Monte Carlo styling or Kryptek Highlander camo finishes available to meet individual tastes.

Howa’s Mini Action receiver is shorter by 12 percent compared to regular fast actions, helping reduce overall rifle weight. Additionally, its quick action and slim barrel further contribute to its lightness. Available chambered for popular calibers, including 6.5 Grendel and 7.62×39.

Another great feature of this rifle is its versatility in terms of hunting varmints, hogs, and deer. Thanks to its compact size and superb accuracy, this weapon makes a fantastic choice for close-range shots.

The Howa 6.5 Grendel rifles come equipped with various scoped rifle packages that include the Nikko Stirling Panamax 3-9x40mm scope – specifically designed to withstand outdoor conditions and featuring both Mil and 1/2 Mil markings for accurate shot placement. This scope comes standard in these packages.


Howa Mini Actions are short-draw actions designed for lightweight varmint rifles. Howa engineers shortened their bolt by almost an inch to produce this smaller and lighter variant of their 1500 series actions.

This compact, durable, and versatile stock is an excellent choice for varmint hunters or anyone building their custom varmint rifle. It features a synthetic shell pillar bedded for comfort while being recoil pad padded; additional stiffening and strength are provided by its aluminum bedding block that extends through the grip area to provide added stiffness and strength.

Howa’s HACT (Howa Actuator Controlled Trigger), with minimal take-up and clean break, comes standard on their Mini Action rifles. I found its operation smooth and enjoyable – only showing minor creep during its final stage.

Legacy Sports International also offers 10-round magazines for this rifle, made of plastic to prevent rust and moisture accumulation, and securely hold rounds in place.

Like its larger siblings, Howa rifles feature bolt-action designs with push-feed bolts and dual opposing locking lugs; their action has been reduced by 11% from Howa’s Short Action receiver for maximum lightweight, compactness, and durability.

If you want to increase the accuracy of your Howa Mini Action rifle, a Boyds laminated gunstock could help. Being more rigid than composite stocks helps eliminate barrel twists and flex for improved accuracy levels at longer ranges.

This stock comes in numerous different forms, from Classic to Featherweight Thumbhole, Heritage Platinum Prairie Hunter Pro Varmint Kryptek Highlander camo finishes. Additionally, right or left-hand versions are also available. The Howa Mini Action rifle makes an excellent lightweight compact varmint hunting rifle; with its smooth trigger action and accurate accuracy, it offers outstanding value to varmint hunters.


Howa Mini Action rifles have earned a stellar reputation for accuracy right out of the box, thanks to an emphasis on making sure that both bolt faces are squared off correctly and that headspace is accurate and consistent. Furthermore, these guns boast a superior trigger with light initial takeup but a smooth stack before breaking crisply for added accuracy.

This trigger bucks the trend of many factory guns with overly heavy, lawyer-mandated trigger pulls. Plus, it’s much cheaper than custom triggers!

The stock is constructed of synthetic black polymer for maximum gripping ease and natural shoulder positioning during standing shots. To make reloading faster and more straightforward, its magazine release lever has been thoughtfully placed just in front of the magazine well; when reaching up with a support hand to grab the magazine, it automatically puts a pointer finger on that lever, making reloading simpler and quicker.

Howa offers various barrel contours for their Mini Action rifle, including 20″ long #1 lightweight contour, 22″ long #2 standard hunting contour, and 20″ long #6 heavy barrel options. My sample gun was chambered for use with one of the most exciting new cartridges: 6.5 Grendel.

LSI provides its rifle with a plastic composite stock and a 5-round, synthetic detachable box magazine. Although suitable, an upgraded laminated gunstock would make a much better match to this action; lamination wood stocks absorb recoil more effectively while offering more stable shooting platforms that lead to improved accuracy levels.

The Howa Mini Action rifle is an exceptionally compact, short-action firearm designed to run only centerfire cartridges that are less than 300 grains long. Using its push feed two-lug bolt action and detachable box magazine, this push feed two-lug push feed bolt action has proven popular with hunters and precision shooters due to its affordability and dependability; hunters also appreciate this foundation for creating custom rifles as it is compatible with an array of aftermarket stocks that allow owners to find one that best meets their individual needs.


The Howa Mini Action rifle is a lightweight, compact bolt action gun designed for precision. It features a 22″ cold-hammer-forged barrel and detachable magazine as well as HTI’s synthetic, pillar-bedded stock with recoil pad – making this gun suitable for recreational and competitive shooters alike.

This rifle comes equipped with three calibers – 6mm ARC, 6.5 Grendel, and 270 Winchester. This makes it the ideal choice for hunters, varmint shooters, or anyone who wants to begin precision shooting. Its small size and light weight make it easy to transport or use in the field; additionally, its composite stock features an ergonomic pistol grip for shooters of all sizes.

Howa Mini Action rifles can be upgraded with Boyds laminated gunstocks to increase accuracy by eliminating flex and twists associated with composite stocks, making recoil more bearable for shooters while eliminating vibration, which leads to shot-to-shot variation.

This stock offers multiple customization options, such as laser engraving and personalized grips. Additionally, it comes equipped with detachable bipod and front sling studs – plus, it comes in various colors and styles so that it can be personalized with the shooter’s initials or name for easy identification.

The Howa Mini Action has an impeccable track record for both reliability and accuracy at an economical price point. Featuring a lightweight, compact action with carbon fiber stock for optimal weight balance and handling characteristics, it makes an excellent choice for hunters who prefer walking, stalking, or shooting from field positions; additionally, it can serve as an entry-level rifle that offers affordable performance for beginners who are just getting into shooting sports.