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Your Best Guide on How To Use Imessage On Android


How To Use iMessage On Android – iMessage on Apple is a powerful and extensively used messaging tool that lets you send and receive encrypted text, photos, videos, voice notes, and other information. The biggest issue for many people is that iMessage does not work on Android cellphones.

To be more specific, iMessage is not officially supported by Android handsets. There is, nevertheless, a way where there is a will. And since some very smart people decided they wanted to use iMessage on Android cellphones, they made it possible.

Of course, the simplest way to obtain iMessage is to support Apple and purchase an iPhone.

But, before you spend hundreds of dollars on an iPhone 11, you should consider utilizing a third-party program to get iMessage operating on your Android phone. Let me show you How To Use Imessage On Android.

How To Use Imessage On Android

It should come as no surprise that Apple, the same company that purchased Dark Sky and closed the Android version, does not provide an iMessage app for Android users – it wants the amazing effects and functionality to be unique to those who invest in an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

However, there is a way to bypass the end-to-end encryption, but it would need the use of a Mac and a program called AirMessage. We go through How To Use Imessage On Android in detail right here.

We’ll go over how to accomplish that in a bit. First, some context on why iMessage does not work on Android smartphones.

How To Use Imessage On Android: why doesn’t it just manually work?

Apple takes pride in creating one-of-a-kind items. Apple phones use custom chargers instead of the standard micro-USB port. The company has its own software and apps. And, of course, iMessage is only available on Apple devices.

Android users can only send SMS text messages, MMS data communications, and utilise apps like WhatsApp. So, what exactly is the big deal? What is it about iMessages that distinguishes it?

In many ways, iMessages are like regular text messages on any modern cell phone. There are, however, a few major differences:

  1. End-to-end encryption is included in iMessages by default.
  2. By synchronizing your devices, you can read and send iMessages on your Apple PC, Macbook, iPad, and other devices.
  3. When you send “Congratulations,” iMessage allows you to send unique stickers and effects, such as bursting confetti.
  4. When your iMessage is properly sent, you’ll notice a little text message that says “Delivered” underneath the message. When the message has been read by the receiver, the status will change to “Read.” These are known as read receipts.
  5. A feature known as Live Typing allows you to see when the other person is typing by displaying a little “…” sign at the bottom of the message history.

Now, How To Use Imessage On Android?

While you cannot just download an iMessage app on your Android device and communicate with your Apple-based buddies, there are several workaround apps available.

How To Use iMessage On Android – However, all of them need the usage of a Mac, as the Mac acts as a middleman between your Android and Apple’s end-to-end encrypted servers used for iMessage.

That is, your messages are delivered through the Android app, which then transmits them to iMessage on your Mac and transmits them to the recipient, and vice versa. The only snag? To utilize the service, your Mac must be turned on and connected to the internet.

We’ve included AirMessage since it’s one of the simplest methods to use iMessage on your Android, but there are plenty more alternatives accessible online.


How to use IMessage on Android: Can an Android send a text message to an iPhone?

ANDROID smartphone owners may now send blue-bubbled iMessage texts to iPhone buddies, but there’s a caveat. The Apple messaging service, easily identified by its trademark blue text bubbles, allows Apple gear customers to communicate end-to-end encrypted letters, pictures, GIFs, video, and stickers.