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How To Use Droidcam With Zoom


To get the best out of your Droidcam with Zoom camera, follow the steps outlined below: Enable ‘Developer’ options on your phone. To enable it, tap the ‘Build number’ seven times. Next, open the DroidCam app on your phone. Make sure your phone is connected to your PC. Next, launch the DroidCam Client on your PC and select ‘display devices’ from the dropdown menu. Your port information will appear on the DroidCam Client. If you’re using an iPhone, you’ll need to connect it via a USB cable instead.


To use NDI on a Droidcam with Zoom, you must first enable NDI in your camera settings. You can do this by going to your computer’s control panel and selecting the NDI option. Once enabled, you can pin the participants to any of the 3 video outputs. This feature works with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android clients. NDI also lets you set up an Active Speaker to show the speaker of your video in the meeting.

After installing NDI, download the NDI HX app to your PC or iPhone and connect the two with the same wireless network as your smartphone. Once the software has been installed, you can use the app to control the camera on the PC. NDI for Droidcam with Zoom offers features like exposure adjustment and zoom, as well as the ability to use your phone’s flash as a light source.

Besides enabling NDI, you must also enable the camera’s access to the device. Currently, this is not possible on some macOS devices, but recent versions of macOS let you control which apps can access the camera. For instance, you can turn off the camera’s access to the screen if the camera is disabled or if it is disabled. To prevent this issue, you can install the latest version of the Zoom app for Mac.

NeuralCam Live

If you want to use video chat with your friends and family on your iPhone or iPad, you can download the NeuralCam Live app. However, the app will not work through Safari, so it’s best to install another video chat app. You can download the NeuralCam Live SDK or a Windows client to use the program using a Mac. NeuralCam is available for free on the iTunes App Store.

The application is available for free on both Apple’s iPhone and iPad. It’s from the developers of the popular low-light camera app. Its main drawback is limited support for the Mac OS and Windows. It also doesn’t work on newer Macs powered by Apple’s M1 processor. It also doesn’t support Macs running the newer M1 processor, but you can purchase NeuralCam Live Plus for $30 per year and unlock additional filters and low-light mode.

Despite its limitations, the iPhone is a very powerful device today. With NeuralCam Live, you can turn your iPhone into a webcam that uses AI to enhance its features. Although it’s a great free camera app, it is limited to iOS devices. The IP Webcam app is your best bet if you’re looking for an app that allows you to view the camera from any location.


Using your Android device as a webcam is not difficult with the DroidCam. The DroidCam is compatible with Skype, MS Teams, and other applications. The DroidCam lets you video chat with anyone worldwide, and you can even add sound to the video chat. Besides, it is also compatible with Zoom, which means you can use it with any webcam, including your PC’s camera.

The DroidCam comes with an IP Webcam menu that lets you broadcast the video feed on the web. Although you can view the feed on your computer, the video quality will be lower than you would get from a normal webcam. Moreover, it’s not smooth. You’ll have to switch to MP4 to enjoy its audio features. If you don’t mind streaming in this format, go for the free version.

Using a USB cable, you can also connect your DroidCam with your Android phone. To do this, plug in the USB cable. Make sure to toggle USB Debugging on the Developer option on your Android phone. Please wait a few minutes for it to establish a connection. If the USB Debugging notification appears, click Ok. After that, select the middle option and fill in the Port. Then, refresh your device to use the DroidCam.


Iriun is a webcam application that lets you use your Android smartphone as a webcam. This program works with Skype and Zoom. You can download it to your phone and connect it to your computer using the same wireless network. Once the app has been downloaded, select “Iriun” as the webcam. Once you do that, the camera view will appear in a pop-up window. You can use it in various webcam applications such as Skype or Google Meet.

Iriun is not perfect, and some of its features are limited. For example, it doesn’t work on Windows 10 with a Samsung A70 plugged in. It also doesn’t work on Windows 10 with good or working wifi. The app keeps saying “no wifi connection,” but I tried reinstalling the application and still got the same error message. It is hard to understand how this could happen since Windows 10 is incompatible with the Samsung A70.

Besides its IP Webcam functionality, DroidCam also works as an IP camera. It is free to download and uses no usage limits. However, it does have a pro version that costs $4.99, which adds some extra features. While this app is free, it requires a Windows machine or a Linux computer. The downside is that it doesn’t recover from a lost connection,, and you must restart your computer after a lost connection.

You are setting up your phone as a webcam..

Using a third-party app can turn your phone into a webcam. These applications use a stable wifi connection to set up the connection, but sometimes you need to connect your phone via USB to continue recording. This allows you to keep your mobile device powered up while recording and may stabilize the video. For best results, you should prop up your phone on a stand for stability. Also, consider using the selfie ring light on your phone.

After downloading the application, ensure you have enabled USB debugging on your phone. Then, connect your phone to a PC with a USB cable. The DroidCam app will show up in the USB device dropdown menu. The USB connection will automatically detect the webcam when you connect your phone using USB. Once it detects your webcam, choose the appropriate Port and click Connect.

Another great feature of this app is its ability to work in the background. This feature allows you to use your phone as a webcam with minimal setup. The camera will run in the background, capturing video even when you’re not using it. While you can also use your phone as an IP webcam, it’s best to stick to video calls if you use the app for long periods.

Sharing a screen

To share a screen with DroidCam, you first need to download the DroidCam application from the Google Play Store or your computer. Once installed, connect your Android phone to your PC using a USB cable and launch the DroidCam client. Once open, select the DroidCam logo icon in the menu bar. You will also need to check the port numbers and the boxes for video and audio.

When you want to share a screen, you must find the sharing tile at the bottom right corner of the window. Clicking on the tile will display what’s currently open on your device. You should note that this option will share everything on your device. It’s not advisable to share confidential information with this feature. The sharing window will have a green border surrounding the selected item, so other participants can see only what’s inside the border.

If you’d like to share your screen with someone else, you can turn on the camera on your Android phone. Download the droid cam app from the Google Play Store. Then connect your phone to the DroidCam app using the USB or wifi connection. You’ll be prompted to enter your Droidcam Port and meeting ID. After entering the meeting code, you can begin sharing a screen with DroidCam.