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How to Sell Wall Art on Etsy


When you’re looking to buy wall art for your home, Etsy is a great place to look. You can find a great selection of unique items from artists worldwide. You can find both physical and digital works to choose from. You’ll also be able to find wall art at great prices.

Sell digital wall art on Etsy.

Selling digital wall art is a great way to make passive income. You create the art yourself, upload it to Etsy, and every time it sells, you get money! This way, you don’t have to worry about fulfilling orders, packaging or shipping items, or even storing inventory.

Digital wall art can be made into any type of art, from inspirational quotes to photos, and printed at home. These images can be found in various sizes and styles and are often under $10 each. To sell them on Etsy, you’ll need to create a shop that features your digital wall art.

There are two basic types of digital products that you can sell on Etsy: digital downloads and digital prints. Digital downloads are more affordable than printed products, and you can sell multiple copies of the same item without worrying about shipping costs or materials. A digital download generally sells for $5-10 per piece, but larger prints will be more expensive.

One of the most important aspects of marketing your digital wall art on Etsy is using the right keywords. The more keywords you use, the more likely people will find your art print. Using tags is another effective way to increase exposure. Etsy lets you include up to 13 tags per listing. These tags work much like hashtags on Instagram. You should also space your listings to make them as visible as possible.

Social media is an excellent way to reach a larger audience and connect with your customers in real-time. You can join groups related to your product, share images, engage in conversations, and collect real reviews. This will help build your audience and give you a more trustworthy reputation. After all, most consumers check out brands’ social media pages before buying products.

List physical wall art on Etsy.

Before listing physical wall art on Etsy, you should first figure out what size it is. It can make or break the sale of your work, and the size of a piece is crucial. A chart comparing standard print sizes is available at The Self Employed Artist. Make sure your wall art’s pixel size matches the print size you want to sell it as.

When you list a physical piece of wall art on Etsy, you should include its size and the frame’s dimensions. People want to see the exact design they are buying. It is also important to mention the size of a digital download if it is available. You should also label the image to indicate all options.

Digital art can be sold similarly to physical wall art, though you need to think about keywords and descriptions. For example, if you’re selling a digital file, you can describe it in the title by adding “instant download.” When listing a physical product, include information about the file size and format and whether it’s for personal or commercial use.

Digital wall art can be sold on Etsy, too. You can post images or quotes on Etsy and sell digital files that people can download and print. Some people may not be able to print digital artwork or don’t have the skills or experience to do it themselves. Regardless of your situation, selling digital wall art can be a lucrative way to make extra money.

List digital wall art on Etsy

Adding digital wall art to your Etsy store can help you generate a side income. The first step is marketing, and you can also sell your art prints at craft fairs. To draw in buyers, you need to use SEO search terms. Etsy shoppers type specific words into the search bar to find items and use them to find relevant listings. You can also use social media platforms to promote your items.

To sell digital wall art on Etsy, you must create an account and create a shop. Make sure that you list your products with quality photos. Your listings should also explain how buyers can print them. Make sure to give the dimensions, too! Your customers will love to purchase your wall art!

When listing digital art on Etsy, optimize your listing for search. Use keywords in the title and description to ensure the right people find your product. Ensure that the product is suitable for printing in different sizes. The best way to do this is to use Photoshop or Canva to edit the image size. Once the image is ready, upload it to your Etsy listing.

Another benefit of digital wall art is passive income. Once you create and upload the art file, you can sell it for a profit. The buyer can print it at home or the local printing store. This allows many people to enjoy wall art at affordable prices. With no shipping costs, inventory storage, or other hassles, digital wall art can be a great way to make a great side income.

Listing digital wall art on Etsy is an excellent way to promote your shop. You can also use a blog to talk about your Etsy products and gain a larger audience. It is also important to publish your content on social media platforms. Whenever you post something on social media, include a link to your Etsy page.

List a physical wall art on Etsy.

If you’d like to sell physical wall art, you can easily find public domain art on Etsy. Thousands of sellers on the site download the most visually appealing public domain works and convert them into digital files to sell as wall art on Etsy. Below are three resources you can use to create digital wall art for sale.

First, you’ll need to set up a storefront on Etsy. Create a shop name and include high-quality photos of your art. Also, include instructions on how to download and print your wall art. Make sure to include the dimensions of the print. You’ll need to provide accurate information on the product you’re offering so you don’t end up with many unsold items.

You’ll need to consider the keywords your potential buyers will use to find your product. If it’s a digital download, include a note explaining that the file is a download, so the buyer can easily download it. In addition, you can also include a disclaimer that the product is for personal use only. Finally, you’ll need to create a description that describes your product.

Make sure you use a variety of keywords in your description and tags. The more keywords you include, the more buyers will find them, and the more likely your listing. Tags are a great tool for making your listings stand out. You can add up to 13 tags per listing. These tags are similar to hashtags on Instagram. You should also make sure that your listings are spaced out so they’re visible to a wider audience.

List a digital wall art on Etsy.

If you’re a digital artist, you might wonder how to list digital wall art on Etsy. First, you should make sure your images are of the highest quality. You can download art from the Library of Congress or the New York Public Library, but you must ensure they’re sized correctly. Once you have the right size, you can upload your images to Etsy.

To sell digital wall art on Etsy, you can choose to sell it as a downloadable file or as a shipped item. Either way, you must provide instructions for printing or downloading the artwork. Depending on your product, you may also want to provide details on print dimensions.

The next step is to properly keyword-optimize your listing. You can use keyword-rich titles that are relevant to digital art, as well as keyword-focused product descriptions. Add the keywords “digital art” in your title and description. This way, you can ensure that people will buy your digital art.

Another benefit to listing digital wall art on Etsy is that it provides a passive income stream. All you have to do is create the art and upload the file; every sale puts money in your pocket. Plus, there are no shipping costs, no worries about customer orders, and no inventory.

One of the best ways to increase your Etsy sales is to blog about your products. People search for certain items on Etsy using specific keywords. Use those keywords in your title to increase your chances of getting clicked by potential buyers. Include a link to your Etsy page in all your social media posts. Also, your cover photo should link back to your Etsy store.