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How to keep your employees from leaving?


When it comes to building a team, the primary concern that most business owners have is, “What if people join our company only to learn a new skill, and then end up joining the competition or become a competitor?” 

This is a legitimate challenge and will only worsen as your company grows. 

What do you need to do to keep your employees motivated and enthusiastic about your company? 

What can you do right now to keep your employees from leaving? 

As a growing business, here are some simple steps and perspectives for dealing with the attrition problem or employees leaving the company. 

Set clear objectives and goals 

Employees find it difficult to give their best effort when the task’s goal shifts more frequently than their socks because it makes it difficult to know what is expected of them.  

Set specific goals and communicate your expectations.  

The strength of your results depends on how well you set your goals. 

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Offer support 

Employees who feel unsupported may wish to resign.  

These people may be overworked, under-equipped to do their jobs, or resentful of their bosses for seemingly not giving a hoot about how they’re doing.  

To show your appreciation for your employees, find out what they need in the way of assistance so they can focus on what they do best.  

It’s possible they need assistance overcoming challenges or roadblocks, such as getting better at frustrating learning systems or acquiring new skills.  

Although you may not be able to fix all of their challenges for them, showing that you care by providing support demonstrates that you do care, and, to tell you the truth, it is also your job to make it possible for the work to be completed. 

Work-Life balance 

Many employees value having a good balance between work and life outside of work. Almost two-thirds of employees would like to be able to work more flexible hours at their workplaces.  

This flexibility can be expressed in various ways, including flexible work hours, the option to telecommute, and even unlimited paid time off.  

Employees can benefit from all these things by striking a better balance between their personal and professional lives, maintaining better health (both mentally and physically), and experiencing less stress.  

All of this contributes to a more positive work environment and increased output. 

Education and training 

Employees’ sense of worth to the company can be increased by providing educational and training opportunities.  

It can also give employees the impression that they are progressing.  

As a result of increased training and education, employees will be able to do better work for the company and rise through the ranks. 

Offer constructive feedback 

Don’t be too pessimistic.  

Even critical feedback can be constructive if presented correctly, but constant criticism can bring even the most resilient person to their knees.  

People remember negative memories far more than positive ones. So be positive and set a good example to keep your employees happy and motivated. 

Seek feedback and ideas 

It’s more common than we think to make decisions without consulting others. 

While this strategy may save you several hours or days, it does not guarantee success. Sometimes it is acceptable not to be the most intelligent person in the room. 

Seek feedback from those around you. Your team is full of brilliant ideas; you must learn to ask for them. 

Concluding thoughts 

Do you think these strategies are helpful? What steps are you taking to keep your employees from quitting?

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