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How to Fix Squeaky Floors Upstairs


You may be wondering how to fix squeaky floors in your upstairs. There are many things you can try. One of the most common causes of squeaky floors is missing nails. This can make the floorboard slide and can be easily fixed by securing the nail in the back position. Before you fix the problem, gather all the necessary tools. These tools should include a hammer, measurement tape, spiral nails, a drill, a putty stick, and a stud finder.

Shimming the subfloor

If your floors squeak because the subfloor has a visible structure, shims can help. You can use a carpenter’s glue to coat the shims and then tap them into place to prevent floor movement. Be careful not to hammer too hard, however. You might lift the subfloor and cause more squeaks. Instead, shimming the subfloor can help stop the squeaks by pulling the floor closer together. Make sure to do this on both sides of the joists.

Next, you should check the joists. You can use wood shims to fill the gap if they’re loose and move. Use the shims carefully, as you don’t want to push them in too sincerely.

Using music

If you live in a building with an upstairs neighbour who complains about squeaky floors, you can use music to try and soothe them. Music can also help you deal with noise, stress, and anxiety. Put on some relaxing music on your speakers and enjoy. You can even ask them to reduce the volume if it’s causing the problem.

If you live in an old building, you might ask the landlord or HOA to fix the problem. For example, the issue may be a result of loose floorboards. You can also try talking to your neighbour. Perhaps they have dealt with the problem and can provide some tips.

Rearranging your apartment to avoid squeaky floors

You can consider rearranging your apartment if you’re looking for a quick fix for squeaky floors. For example, changing the location of your bedroom can reduce the number of squeaks. If you live in an old building, floorboards may have become loose over time. You can contact your landlord or HOA to get them fixed if this is the case. Another option is to ask your neighbour for advice. They may have experienced this problem before and have some advice for you.

If the squeaking floor comes from a neighbour’s apartment, you might consider involving them. This is especially helpful if the squeak is getting worse.

Finding the source of the squeak

If you are experiencing squeaky floors upstairs, there are several different causes that you should try. For instance, the floorboard might be missing a nail. If it is, you can hammer a nail into the floor joist and see if the squeak stops. Otherwise, you can ignore the squeak and live with it. First, however, you must be aware of the dangers associated with this solution, including the potential damage to your home.

The first step is to determine the source of the squeaky floor. It may be caused by a gap between the floor joist and subfloor, a loose nail, or a rubbing surface. Sometimes, you may even need to remove the insulation to fix the problem. You can use the carpenter’s glue to seal the gap if this is impossible.