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How to Find the Best IT Companies in Long Beach


Finding the ideal IT Company in Long Beach can be a daunting task. But there are steps you can take to guarantee your company receives top-notch service.

Before your IT support provider visits your office or workplace, prepare. Doing this can help prevent issues from being overlooked or mismanaged.


When it comes to the best IT companies in Long Beach, there are plenty of well-known names. Technology companies such as Hulu, TaskUs, Headspace, and ChowNow call this area home, showing that the tech sector significantly supports the local economy.

With the growth of Virtual Reality (VR), various companies are working to offer consumers new ways to enjoy this immersive medium. WEVR, based in Venice, creates seamless films that immerse viewers into their world.

The company boasts cutting-edge technologies like Wevr Virtual Studio (WVS). This platform helps creators worldwide quickly create and share projects in virtual reality through cloud orchestration for automated builds, renders, and testing across mobile, PC/Mac, XR, and AR targets.

WVS also features Git-based version control, making it simple for artists to modify their game or app without worrying about other developers overwriting the changes. Currently in private beta, WVS is designed to work with Unity, Unreal Engine, and Godot.

Another exciting virtual reality app in the space is WITHIN, which allows users to explore their imaginative virtual world. The company has collaborated with major VR headset manufacturers so that everyone can benefit from using the app.

In addition to these major companies, there are a variety of smaller tech startups in the region developing cutting-edge software and apps. These businesses are making waves in the LA market and offer solutions for everyday challenges consumers face.

The top IT companies in Long Beach are helping consumers maximize their technology, and this trend shows no signs of stopping. These firms provide solutions to address various needs and problems, from healthcare to entertainment to retail.


GumGum, located in Los Angeles’ seaside tech hub, is an artificial intelligence company that utilizes computer vision and natural language processing to solve media issues. Its technology can create contextual marketing messages, assess sponsorship value for investments and guarantee the safety of pre-existing content.

The company’s products use AI to optimize performance and predict how long a consumer will view an ad. Verity’s contextual and brand safety data business employs supervised machine learning techniques to scan text, images, and videos for context signals such as content categories, keywords, and sentiment.

GumGum operates under SIC Code 7311 (Advertising Agencies) and NAICS Code 541810 (Advertising Services). It offers employees a range of benefits, such as flexible work schedules, dental plans, and disability programs.

It has a culture of respect and inclusion built on empathy, thoughtfulness, and grit. It believes in the transformative power of individuals to shape their worlds through giving back and bringing about positive change.

GumGum employees enjoy a flexible work schedule and access to an on-site health center with wellness programs such as yoga, pilates, and meditation classes. Furthermore, they participate in “Quarterly Causes,” which encourages giving back by donating time and money to one charitable cause each quarter.

GumGum, a top IT company in Long Beach, provides disability coverage at no cost to employees who become disabled and unable to work. The company also has a 401K program and collaborates with Maven Family Support on dependent care and adoption expense reimbursements.

It is an emerging tech company that has made waves in the industry by providing various technologies. Its solutions unlock value from images and videos, being utilized by a range of businesses worldwide. As a leader in its field emphasizing Artificial Intelligence, they continue to make waves in this space.