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How to Buy Bamboo Clothing Online


Bamboo Clothing was established in 2006 with two core values: quality products and exceptional customer service. Their team also takes great care in protecting the environment. Find the bamboo clothing for women.

Bamboo is a fast-growing organic crop that doesn’t require pesticides and helps clean the air, making it more eco-friendly than cotton or synthetic fabrics.


Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly clothing materials on the market, increasing while using less water and chemicals than cotton, wool, or polyester fabrics. Furthermore, its fabric remains 3 degrees cooler while double as soft while naturally repelling odors.

When shopping for bamboo clothing, look for brands that use only eco-friendly materials and follow sustainable practices. For example, some bamboo brands utilize organic cotton or recycled plastic bottles in their clothing production. In contrast, others may be certified OEKO-TEX and work with non-profit organizations to clean waterways.

Thought is one such brand that successfully blends contemporary design with sustainability. They use organic and sustainable materials to craft bamboo hoodies, dresses, and tees that offer styles suitable for any event or season – they even support reforestation through their “one tree planted” initiative! Other bamboo clothing brands include Boody and Movesgood, which produce bamboo clothing, including t-shirts, sweaters, trousers, and dresses made without using harmful chemicals in production processes like Movesgood’s closed-loop process for creating bamboo lyocell for manufacturing their bamboo clothing line!


Bamboo clothing is luxuriously soft against the skin, breathable, hypoallergenic, odor-resistant, and UV protective, making them ideal for sensitive skin types or young children alike. Bamboo also thrives without pesticides or water requirements to blossom quickly – an environmental plus.

337 Brand offers eco-friendly bamboo clothing for women. Their selection includes dresses, skirts, and shorts made of eco-friendly biodegradable materials, and they support the One Tree Planted initiative to promote global reforestation. Bundles also help save you money while giving you stylish outfits perfect for every special occasion!

Boody Bamboo Clothing offers eco-friendly bamboo apparel to adults and babies alike, featuring organic cotton sustainably harvested, processed, and finished to minimize environmental impact while upholding fair labor practices with suppliers certified to OEKO-TEX standard 100.

Easy to care for

Bamboo fabric is adaptable and can be tailored to numerous styles and fashion trends. Its soft yet drape-worthy fabric makes it ideal for fashion accessories like scarves and belts. In contrast, its unique properties make caring for it simple – such as being odor-proof and quick drying. Plus, bamboo resists wrinkles well while saving money with no dry cleaning costs necessary!

Cozy Earth uses bamboo fabric to make hypoallergenic sheets and pajamas for sleeping and temperature regulation, all while supporting reforestation – giving back one tree for every order placed to replenish our planet’s natural resources.

Before washing bamboo clothing, read its care label carefully and follow any specific recommendations on its gentle cycle. Warm or cold water with a mild detergent should suffice, and fabric softeners may cause the clothes to shrink and lose shape if used.


Bamboo fabric can be combined with other materials to produce unique clothing styles. Bamboo clothing offers softness, breathability, and protection against harmful UV radiation; additionally, it resists odors naturally while having superior moisture absorption properties. Furthermore, bamboo clothing is ideal for people with sensitive skin or chemical sensitivities.

Bamboo fabric is known for being soft and luxurious, draping beautifully over your body, and being easy to care for, making it an excellent choice for women seeking comfortable yet high-quality clothing. Bamboo can be used in casual and formal settings and comes in various colors and designs to meet your taste.

Blue Bungalow specializes in bamboo women’s apparel, offering dresses, tops, pants, shorts, and shapewear made of bamboo viscose that has been sustainably produced without pesticides or fertilizers. Their sizes span all international shipping.

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