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How Much Facebook Bought Instagram


When you go to Instagram, you’ll see advertisements from companies you’ve probably never heard of. These advertisements are aimed at getting you to sign up for their services. One of the most popular of these ads is for Facebook. It’s an ad that explains the benefits of using their service. This is a good advertisement because you’ll be more likely to use their service when you learn what it does.


Facebook bought interactive video startup Vidpresso to make its video offerings more interactive. The firm’s technology enables comments, polls, and other interactive content in live videos. And the company plans to show off new features at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) this week.

While the technology hasn’t been fully perfected yet, the company’s management is confident its partnership with Facebook will lead to more interactive content from creators. In addition to a few big-name broadcasters like BuzzFeed, Vidpresso has also worked with brands such as BMW and Nasdaq.

The company, based in Utah, is an interactive video technology provider. It overlaps social media graphics on a video and adds on-screen comments. Publishers can use the technology to incorporate superimposed captions, polls, and other interactive elements into their videos.

Bloomsbury AI

Bloomsbury AI is a London-based artificial intelligence startup. Facebook has acquired the firm and will use its technology in the fight against fake news. Specifically, Facebook’s moderators can use the firm’s technology to spot content that violates policy. The company will also use Bloomsbury AI’s team of engineers to develop more natural language processing skills.

In the past decade, investment in AI startups has increased considerably. Facebook is one of many companies that have acquired startups focusing on the field. A vital part of the company’s strategy is to create tools to combat disinformation. For example, moderation teams can use AI-based automation to reduce response time.

Facebook has invested in several AI companies, including Deeptide Ltd and Ozlo, which was integrated with Facebook’s messaging app. Last year, Facebook acquired the visual shopping startup GrokStyle.


Facebook recently announced plans to acquire Instagram for approximately $1 billion in cash and stock. This is a huge deal, and one of the most significant purchases the social media giant has ever made.

When the acquisition was first proposed, Facebook reportedly knew it faced challenges with Instagram. But the social networking giant was determined to move quickly. And it was also looking for a way to show off its strength in the mobile space.

It’s no secret that Facebook loves to pick up hot startups. It’s a trend that founder Mark Zuckerberg has taken to heart.

At the time, Facebook had about $4 billion in cash but was still generating very little revenue from its mobile apps. So, it was worried that newer, hipper platforms would usurp it.


Instagram was Facebook’s first significant acquisition. The social network bought the photo-sharing platform for about $1 billion in cash and stock.

The deal made Facebook the owner of a robust mobile ecosystem, and the company could begin to grow it into a fourth billion-user platform. But the price was steep.

When Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, the startup had a team of just 13 employees and no revenue. However, in the first quarter of 2016, Instagram brought in $570 million. It contributed 10% of Facebook’s overall revenue.

Having Instagram under Facebook’s umbrella would help Facebook stay relevant to the younger generation. However, the company would also have to build out its infrastructure quickly. And there’s the potential for cannibalization.

There are several reasons why Facebook bought Instagram. One is that it could help Facebook limit competition. Another is that it allowed Facebook to become more valuable.

Zuckerberg’s relationship with Zoufonoun

Amin Zoufonoun is one of Facebook’s vice presidents of corporate development. He also hammered out a deal involving Facebook’s $1 billion acquisition of Instagram.

The name of Amin’s job is not quite as impressive as his accomplishments, which include having studied under Simin Behbenahi and Mohammad Reza Shajarian. In addition to his high-level position at the helm of Facebook’s corporate development division, he has spoken at several universities across the country, including the University of California at San Diego and Stanford University.

Despite his impressive credentials, he still finds time to have fun. Zoufonoun has been known to play guitar, tar, and kamancheh. His most recent performance was on a stage in Canada.