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How ALEIs Can Help Your Business


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Connecticut’s Business One Stop website provides a free search tool to verify business entities by their ALEI or legal name, with results pages detailing current statuses, contact info, and principals of each entity found.

ALEI Search Tool

The ALEI Search Tool is a global database that provides up-to-date legal entity information. Anyone, such as regulators, clients, and investors, can use it. Searches can be performed using any combination of company name or partial LEI code; alternatively, the search function will suggest possible matches if an exact code cannot be located. Furthermore, results can be narrowed by country, and expert mode can be toggled for more in-depth inquiries.

The tool is straightforward to use and accessible from any internet-enabled computer – enter your business name or ALEI code into the search bar and a list showing information such as its status, location, and contact details for each entity listed. When you have found what you need, you can save it for future reference – and remember, the ALEI Search Tool is regularly updated, so it’s available for all!

Utilizing an online search tool can assist in verifying the accuracy of information entered in corporate records while alerting any changes that have occurred since. In addition to detecting inaccurate data, this search tool may also assist in detecting potential fraudulent activity by flagging suspicious activity; you can even use it to check for duplicate supplier or customer records.

Connecticut Secretary of State’s Business One Stop website is another valuable tool, enabling entrepreneurs to perform a name search for their proposed entity and search tools that will allow users to quickly and accurately conduct an ALEI and filing number search.

Once a business acquires an ALEI, it can be uploaded into the system to represent its financial position and ownership structure accurately. This can prove particularly helpful during acquisition or merger processes, as well as finding trading partners or monitoring compliance with regulatory requirements – vital pieces of data to the success of any venture.

ALEI Search Results

The Secretary of State offers the ALEI search results as a public resource to help find any business entity registered within their state. This search tool features a list of results, including each business’s ALEI number, address information, and principals/agents; these results can be refined using the drop-down menu to narrow your results further.

The search interface is basic and user-friendly, similar to Google’s. There are no advanced search features such as restricting searches by “begins with” or “contains.”

Search results do provide an abundance of helpful information in one convenient location. Each record details a business’s ALEI, name, address, principals, and agents, and its current status.

ALEI Approval

ALEIs help reduce the cost of onboarding new suppliers and maintaining supplier master data. A verified ALEI identifies where and when a company was recognized as a legal entity, its date of formation, and the legal name it uses when doing business; operational addresses/trade names used within supplier master records may result in duplicate records; using an ALEI can link these duplicate records back to one legal entity record linked by ECCMA research of authoritative legal entity identifiers that adhere to ISO 8000-115 requirements.

ALEI Termination

ALE will collect, store, and process Personal Data submitted by its Users to use its service (collectively known as “Registration Data”). ALE may transfer such Personal Data to affiliated entities and subcontractors acting as Data Processors on an as-needed basis to support providing their Service or other usage purposes as set out herein.