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Home Energy Upgrades – When Feng Shui Doesn’t Work


Is your house a peaceful haven where you may unwind? Can you relax when you’re at home? This is a possibility in your own house. If your home lacks a soothing atmosphere, you might first look to the apparent causes, such as disorganization, ill-fitting furnishings, or a general state of deterioration. As a rule, this is not the situation. If you have tried altering the house’s aesthetics but have not seen any improvement, the cause may lie in the energy field, which you may be unaware of. Best guide on Flat renovation london.

Remains of Vibration

The building materials retain the feelings of the builder and any previous occupants. Emotions exhibited by people in their daily lives are imprinted into physical objects like books, vases, and even concrete, much like the vibrations of recorded music on vinyl LPs. Not everyone is equally susceptible to these vibrations. These feelings left behind can cause persistent pain if you’re particularly sensitive.

The energy of a place can be profoundly affected by traumatic events that occur there at any time. Therefore, until they are consciously eradicated, the space’s energy will invariably incorporate the vibrations of whatever death, robbery, violence, or trauma have occurred there.

Methods for Disposing of Emotional Waste

Burning sage is used to clear the energy in a room as part of traditional shamanic rituals. Sage can be purchased from places like Whole Foods or spiritual bookstores. Collect the embers in a small bowl or shell. Let the sage flame burn for a few seconds before putting it out with a soft blow.

There will be no letup in the red smoke or glowing leaves. Walk around with the sage in your hand, waving it along the walls and in the air at the corners. Create an intention to purge any lingering negative feelings and replace them with a calming, supportive vibe. Say a prayer of healing or protection from your heart’s depths. The intention behind doing something is crucial. The next step is to open a window and let some air in.

Epsom salts and 90% isopropyl alcohol can also be used. Put the salt into a container that is at least 8 inches square and has a depth of about half an inch. Wet the salt with a small amount of alcohol. Caution! When the container is complete, it will heat up. Don’t let your hair or clothes get in the way.

Put the container on a stovetop or other heat-resistant surface and keep it away from anything that could catch fire. Next, light the alcohol and salt on fire. Let the fire burn till it dies out on its own. Picture a powerful, cleansing beam of white and violet light expanding outward from the fire as it burns. If necessary, the steps can be repeated.

A professional intuitive who can zero in on the cause of the disturbance and the source of the vibration may be called for. The following are examples of potential energy interferences:

  • Subsurface features can range from boulders and mineral mines to rivers and lakes to the emotional residue of historical events like epidemics, natural disasters, and even graveyards.
  • Energy imbalances can be caused by vortices on the ground or in the air, both within and outside the dwelling.
  • Beamlines from nearby buildings or even those in your home can emit laser-like energy and disrupt your tranquility.
  • Beamline effects are especially problematic in metropolitan areas and suburban subdivisions with densely packed housing.
  • High-tension power lines or transformers carry strong resonance. Its effects on human health have been scientifically established.
  • The presence and direction of traffic immediately adjacent to the property can have a significant effect.
  • A multidimensional energy gateway is a point of concentrated energy. Beings from other realms or humans with the ability to mind/astral travel frequently employ them to travel between dimensions.
  • It is possible for spirits from other planes to share our physical world. Some creatures may appear hostile if we oppress them, yet others may genuinely be helpful to us.

These disturbances can’t be fixed with your standard Feng Shui techniques. Therefore, it is crucial to seek the advice of a skilled and wise Energy Renovation Professional if you want to find workable answers. The act of doing so has the potential to bring calm and happiness into your life.

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