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Harrison Ohio – Family Farm and Home


Harrison Farm is one of only six historic family farms in central Ohio and has been owned and managed by one family for five generations.

As well as their farm, Harrison Truck & Body, C&G Transportation, and Tri-County Tarp contribute back to agriculture and their farm.

About Us

Family Farm & Home offers an impressive selection of hardware, lawn and garden supplies, sports equipment, automotive parts, casual apparel, pet supplies, and home products, including horse and livestock feed and alternative energy solutions from top brands. Our customers come first, and we strive to make shopping with us an enjoyable experience without hassles or surprises! We look forward to being of service!

Harrison first attracted settlers during the early 1800s, many Revolutionary War veterans drawn by its promise of ample forested land near navigable rivers flowing towards the Ohio River. Over time, canals, railroads, and later Interstate 74 helped people easily travel between locations.

After Louis Stewart passed away in the 1970s, his son Richard took over the management of their farm. Though they continued growing grain, new ideas emerged with each generation; Richard decided to diversify by growing organic vegetables for sale at local restaurants, delis, markets, artisan producers, beekeeping, agritourism, and cattle ranching activities.

Cashiers are essential in any team, providing exceptional customer service while efficiently processing sales transactions. Promoting Family Farm & Home programs, such as loyalty programs, extended warranty financing options, and item of the month as well as upholding merchandising, store cleanliness, and safety standards, is part of this role. Maintaining flexible schedules, including weekends, evenings, and holidays, and working well under pressure requires a solid commitment to customer satisfaction and working long standing up or sitting for extended periods, reaching, bending, bending, twisting, kneeling, etc.

Goats & Lambs for Sale

Farm Life Farm and Store offer much to visitors, including goats and lambs for sale, tools, hardware, automotive supplies, pet supplies, work casual clothing, footwear, and farm supplies. Their friendly staff can assist in finding merchandise in the store and on Family Farm and Home-supported websites and processing any special orders placed through them.

Trish’s family’s farm tradition dates back to the early 1900s, and they are no strangers to livestock shows. Her great-grandparents and grandparents on both her maternal and paternal sides ran dairy, row crop, and diversified farms in Perry and Fairfield Counties; their descendants continue this legacy with sheep and cattle farms today – including one notable animal named Gracie, who won multiple top showman tiles while showing with Over Yonder 4-H club.

Goat Yoga will soon be available at Harrison Farm as an innovative way to exercise and meet new friends. Classes take place on a grassy field among some of the friendliest members of their herd, making this class beginner-friendly and super casual. Tours and cuddling with goats after class are also offered; private sessions for ten people or more people can also be booked; see details and register on Bern Yoga or Harrison Farm Facebook pages for registration!

The Farm welcomes visitors throughout the year and sells an array of locally-raised eggs, seasonal produce, local honey and luxurious alpaca fiber items, as well as dog treats, ethically sourced hides, and skulls for ethical purchase. In addition, it hosts events and programs and accepts tree donations in autumn.

Lamb & Goat Snuggles

Last year, Steinmetz Family Farm started hosting goat cuddling sessions at vegan festivals to raise money to purchase more baby goats. While these goat cuddle sessions have proven very popular among festival goers and animal rights activists, some feel the Steinmetz Farm may exploit animals by charging fees for petting zoo-type interactions.

Goat Yoga at Harrison Farm Farm offers an unforgettable outdoor yoga experience combined with goat cuddles! Beginners-friendly classes provide casual yet engaging instruction while giving participants ample opportunity to capture stunning goat selfies! Visit Bern Yoga or Harrison Farm Facebook pages for schedule and registration information.

As they purchased their farm three-and-a-half years ago, without including a barn, the Steinmetz’s have been saving proceeds from goat snuggles, farm parties, fairs, and yoga to build one. Their goal is to make their new barn an inviting gathering spot where locals and visitors alike can come together to relax, shop and spend time with animals.