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Find the Toasties Wiki


Toast was founded far away from Silicon Valley, the traditional center for venture capital investing. The founders had no prior experience fundraising or managing businesses.

Find the Toasties presents a challenging Floaty Toasty quest; to collect it quickly, you must first travel soon to a beach location and solve a puzzle in its hidden room before being able to collect it!

Floaty Toasty in the Hidden Room

In this BREAVEN world, OMORI must swim across a small lake to reach a secret area. Once there, she and her party must interact with a piece of toast that reads “Holy Kitchen,” with any attempts at interaction triggering two sinister voices chanting behind them.

After engaging with a giant toast, players will fall through a hole into a second subarea guarded by two vicious dogs attempting to flatten Spyro. Players must first dispatch these canines before proceeding toward reaching their toast boss.

Once the dogs have been dispatched, Spark can use his fire to attack Toasty multiple times, burn away his outer layer, and reveal him as an ancient shepherd on stilts.