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Fashion Chingu Review: Amazing Fashion Items, Better Prices.


BTS is one of the leading fashion icons in the world and Fashion Chingu claims they can make you look just as good as them. In this Fashion Chingu Review, we are going to be seeing if their claims hold water or if they are just claiming. Staying afloat in the industry requires a lot of inventiveness and consistency.

Most companies seem to lack that though, that is why they tend to fail. Fashion Chingu seems to be making all the right moves at least at face value. In this article, we are going to be seeing if the company is perfect or if it’s just top-tier PR.

Fashion Chingu Review

Fashion Chingu Review

Fashion Chingu Review is an online store that sells clothing items that are related to Korean pop culture. The company has been in the game for quite a while and has been getting a lot of buzz on social media. There are two reasons why a service can trend online.

It’s usually because the services are great or more often the services are shoddy. Where does Fashion Chingu stand? We managed to take a look at the fashion and brand and here is what we think about the brand.

Fashion Chingu Review: User Experience

The fact that your shopping solely online means that the company has to make the experience as effortless as possible. Fashion Chingu excels in this regard. The Fashion Chingu website is clean, to say the least. The aesthetic is amazing, the white detail ensures that you won’t struggle with dozens of unmatching colors. The first thing you are going to notice as you get to the site is the products.

The top product categories are already displayed, this means you easily open a world of fashion with just a click. The categories are also a user experience marvel. There are three main categories but KPop fashion, Korean clothes, and KDrama clothes. We have to say the user interface deserves a thumbs up and so does the mobile adaptiveness and navigation on the site.

Fashion Chingu Review

Fashion Chingu Review: Product Catalog

A fashion shop is only as good as the product catalog and, we have to say, Fashion Chingu fares well in this regard. The company has a wide range of items on sale. The best part is the clothes on Fashion Chingu target a specific market on the fashion scene, this means their services are tailored for the market and nothing indicates that than their catalog.

if you love BTS, then you will certainly find clothes you will love from their catalog. If on the other hand, you love NCT then that’s also a no-brainer that the product range will satisfy your fashion taste. In terms of product range, we have to say, that Fashion Chingu is not the most diverse online store available but it serves its specific market well.

Fashion Chingu Review: Customer Service

This is one aspect f the service that did not impress us. For an online store, the most important thing is communication and Fashion Chingu does not do this exceedingly well. The contact details available on the site are rarely reachable and the messages are rarely responded to. This is one thing that needs to be worked on, if the company wants to remain on the top edge, they have a managed to secure.

Fashion Chingu Review: Prices

Fashion Chingu might be everything but a rip-off is not one of them. Most of the products available on the online store are priced well within the range of their target market, there are rarely ever exorbitant price tags on the site and this is one of the reasons why the company is popular. The best part is that the pricing does in no way affect product quality. This is quite commendable.

Fashion Chingu Review

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Does Fashion Chingu offer free delivery?

If you purchase items worth $60 or more, you will get free delivery

Where are Fashion Chingu products from?

Fashion Chingu ships its products from Wuhan China

What currency does Fashion Chingu use?

Fashion Chingu uses the US dollar as the medium currency.