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Everything you need to know about the Delta course


Delta (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is a close associate of CELTA certification and a crucial qualification to hire candidates for positions available in school management. The Delta diploma is crafted to help experienced English teachers who endeavour to level up in their careers.

Whether it is teacher training or a management career, Delta is a critical aspect that aids experienced educators to pursue their passion. Moreover, Delta credits are helpful if you register for MA programmes.

The three modules in the Delta course

As the highly-regarded TEFL qualifications, the Delta course has three modules distinguished by format, content and assessment type. It is not mandatory to learn them sequentially, so study as you like. However, it is essential to complete all three modules for Delta certification.

Module 1 courses are available in both online and offline classes. When it comes to module 2, classroom sessions are essential. The complete assessment includes teaching practice, written essays and lesson planning. The second module mainly focuses on practical teaching, detailed lesson planning, and learner support.

The third module includes ELT specialism and management. These are the two options learners have in the third module. The first option helps individuals furnish an essay after choosing a specialist area. The external Cambridge assessor will evaluate the performance of individuals. The second option focuses on management specialism, and it is again an extended writing assignment on a particular management field chosen by candidates.

Many Cambridge-accredited centres allow learners to take the exams, and these centres are in various parts of the globe.

Sign up for the course

The primary requirements are a TEFL or equivalent certificate and one year of teaching experience at various levels. These attributes are essential, but the selectors’ call is final. If a Delta tutor trusts your know-how and expertise, you can join the course even without TEFL. Though teachers have impeccable teaching skills, the Delta course provides an opportunity to explore the theoretical principles that influences your pedagogy. A Delta diploma won’t change your teaching approach or style but provides a more precise understanding of classroom sessions. Whether you are an entry-level or expert educator, this course is the best choice for passionate teachers at any stage of their career.

From refreshing your teaching knowledge to improving your expertise, Delta certification is ideal for every passionate educator to elevate their efficiency. Delta tutors will evaluate the applications thoroughly and find career-driven candidates serious about the course. Many virtual learning centres offer eligibility tests to provide you with a precise idea.

Gear up to gain the Delta certification

It is not a big deal to take up the Delta course, but candidates should consider certain things. Before you apply for the course, it is essential to take up courses like CELTA and gain full-time teaching experience at various levels. If you don’t have the entry-level requirements, there is no need to worry about it. Delta selectors accept specific applications even if they don’t meet the exact conditions.

Many candidates consider the course quite expensive, but it is an essential investment in the long run. Whether you randomly chose this career or are passionate about teaching, skill development is the best way to advance your career. If you are ready to register for the course, find the best online centres and gain the highly-regarded certification.

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