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Driving In Zanzibar – Who remembers the Simpsons episode where Homer turns into a truck driver and discovers that all trucks are privately self-driven? Well, it turns out this could soon become a reality, as numerous companies have been developing the existing technology to manufacture self-driving vehicles, trucks among them.

Actually, on May 8th this year, Daimler became the first company to achieve clearance to roll their own onto American roads, which means that pretty soon, there is an excellent opportunity that self-driving will become standard for trucking. But while the brand new technology looks flashy and valuable on the surface, there are many available who foresee a more dark side to the onset of self-drive technology.

#1 They could place many truckers out of a position

Driving In Zanzibar – Although self-drive trucks at present require a human driver being present to deal with unpredicted events such as the need for an unexpected lane change, for the most part, the most suitable option cope with pretty much anything automatically.

Great, right? Wrong. Mainly because it stands, truckers will be able to sleep at night while the self-drive truck can its thing- so the required truckers will decrease, while vehicles won’t have to prevent while their drivers get some excellent shut-eye at a side of the road motel. While they cannot drive entirely automatically, this new technology nevertheless appears to be set to put many some sort of trucker’s livelihood at risk.

#2 They threaten more than just big rig drivers’ jobs

Driving In Zanzibar – 3.5 million Americans work as truck drivers. If you include the many jobs related to trucking, which often don’t involve the actual operating, that figure goes up to eight. 7 million. In 30 states, truck driving is considered the most common job. If self-driving trucks move to become autonomous, then this would invest of these people out of work.

Additionally, most roadside businesses, for example, motels and restaurants, rely on truckers for reliable yearly business, as otherwise they may be limited mainly to seasonal companies when people are most likely to be utilizing the roads.

#3 They endanger to put smaller companies bankrupt

Driving In Zanzibar – Furthermore, the price required to possibly replace an entire fleet of passenger trucks or update the current fast would be, at today’s price ranges, astronomical, meaning only famous labels who were willing to put up a ton of money would be able to afford to do so. Although they would save a fortune in the long term, most smaller haulage global businesses are unlikely to have the kind of investment needed to make the switch.

#4 They provide a new material targeted at hackers

Driving In Zanzibar – Being able almost to take control of any self-driving motor vehicle would make truck hijacking an increasingly lucrative and simple practice when compared with ever- a hacker would likely be able to take control of some truck full of their ideal cargo from the comfort of their property and redirect it on their chosen destination, where their cargo could be stolen.

Researchers could hack into even a standard car through research into the ease of cracking self-drive vehicles- meaning that self-drive will indeed inevitably become the latest focus for the enterprising cyber legal.

#5 They could make traveling more dangerous

Driving In Zanzibar – Google’s self-drive cars have currently journeyed over 1 . 7 mil miles, and in that time, just been involved in 11 mishaps, all of which were caused by human being error rather than the machines on their own.

While this seems like a tiny small fraction, it points to the more significant issue of the need for drivers to become completely comfortable with how their vehicle works, and the possibility of them making an error that may leave them in danger is more than with conventional vehicles since it requires them to learn how to make use of a completely different set of technology.

Driving In Zanzibar – Additionally, it invites the possibility of drivers attempting to use the technology for cutting corners it was not designed for, which again leads to an increase in the chance of accidents. Lots of drivers avoid feel comfortable in a self-drive automobile, but it looks like it’s people who do feel comfortable whose security is most at risk by this technology.