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Different Types of Freezers that You Should Know About


Freezers have become one of the most familiar choices to preserve food. Choosing the right freezing equipment is one of the fundamental challenges faced during the beginning of food processing. Many people prefer not to purchase repeatedly and buy a considerable amount of food at once to save money and time. Since several freezers are available in the market, grabbing the best among them is difficult. There are four significant types of freezers in general: chest freezers, drawer freezers, upright freezers and portable freezers.

  1. Chest freezers

This is the most inexpensive freezer available in the market. These freezers are generally designed like a large box or a chest with a hinged lid that opens upwards. Due to the lid, a chest freezer mandates proper space with plenty of headroom. Chest freezers range in size from compact models to commercial sizes. Compact models are as small as 2.1 cubic feet, whereas commercial sizes have more than 40 cubic feet of space. Since these freezers tend to be such a large piece of equipment, they can be commonly found in garages, utility rooms, the basement of houses etc. The boxy dimensions of chest freezers enable the storage of bulky food items and resolve the inadequacy of the freezer section of a refrigerator. Chest freezers lack a fan and thus limits air circulation. This, in turn, causes an inconsistency in temperature. It will not affect the food items adversely as long as the freezer can maintain the temperature below freezing. To provide a more organised space division, most of the chest freezers have baskets.

  1. Drawer freezers

These are the freezers commonly found in larger kitchens. They are convenient for the cooks who need to have particular items during food preparation. Many drawer freezers are of cabinet height so that they can be installed seamlessly into the existing cabinetry. Some of the drawer freezers possess a finished top so that they can extend the countertop space wherever they are being used.

  1. Upright freezers

These freezers are a little costly when compared to chest freezers. But the convenience of upright freezers makes this extra cost reasonable. This model of a freezer is perfect for freezing food items that one needs to access quickly. It can be kept in the main kitchen, garage, utility unit or basement. When it comes to this type of freezer, you don’t have to bend down and search through the piles of stored food items like in the case of chest freezers. The style of these freezers is more like a refrigerator. This allows spending longer browsing through shelves with the doors open. The organisation potential of the shelving can make the browsing much easier too. These freezers are typically auto defrosting. Thus the maintenance of upright freezers is much simpler than that of chest freezers. They are also easy to clean kinds of freezers.

  1. Portable freezers

The emergence of tiny, portable freezers resolved the inadequacy of coolers filled with ice. They enabled smooth transport of food items that get quickly spoiled. AC or DC or both are favourable for portable freezers. Some of such freezers can even get powered through a car’s cigarette lighter outlet. This makes the storage of food items for picnics and other outdoor activities far more convenient.

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