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DaxBot Forex EA Review


The Daxbot Forex EA is an innovative new service which promises profitable automated trading on DAX30/DAX40 markets via web-based robot trading robot. Additionally, this service specializes in momentum and volume trading as well as user-friendly design for its website.

Clients looking to open an account must present all necessary documentation in order to fund it with at least $250, in order to begin trading.

It’s a broker-independent EA

When considering broker-independent EAs, it’s essential to conduct due diligence. Investigate their background and read reviews from other traders before testing their performance with a demo account before investing real funds in it.

The Daxbot Forex EA is a trader-developed trading tool that utilizes momentum and volume strategies to place trades on the DAX30/DAX40 markets. This EA can be adjusted to fit various trading styles without using risky martingale, hedging or averaging strategies; trade sizes can also be adjusted based on previous losses and profits accumulated; furthermore this EA is free for use and supports various brokers.

It’s a crypto-currency EA

Daxrobot offers several robots designed to trade cryptocurrencies, including Cryptohunter1, Crypto ADX 2.0, RSIMA Cross and xProfit. Each bot boasts its own set of strategies and features designed to generate consistent profits.

Traders can utilize the robot to analyze market conditions and predict trends, trade using their preferred brokers and concentrate on other aspects of trading.

DAXrobot charges multiple fees, such as withdrawals to bank cards at $5 and inactivity fees of $10 per year. In addition, they charge a 5% commission on deposits made through its broker partners – this fee will be deducted from a trader’s profit but not charged against the robot itself.

It’s a multi-asset EA

The DaxBot EA is a trading robot which employs momentum and volume trading strategies. It operates best on M5 and H1 timeframes and opens only one trade at a time; additionally it’s broker independent and auto adaptive, with its developer claiming it can deliver 40% monthly ROI.

Traders can utilize this EA to profit from various asset pairs and CFDs, including CFDs. With fast execution speeds that enable traders to quickly take advantage of opportunities as they arise and without human emotions such as greed and fear which could potentially cause losses, this EA allows traders to avoid unnecessary losses.

Traders can deposit funds into their accounts using different payment methods, including credit cards and crypto currencies. Furthermore, traders can withdraw earnings using these same methods.

It’s a web-based EA

DaxBot is a forex robot claiming to generate up to 15% monthly profits in profits from trading the DAX30/DAX40 markets using momentum and volume trading strategies on M5 and H1 timeframes, trading 1 or 2 times daily and increasing lot sizes based on levels set by its user.

As opposed to many other forex robots, this one is web-based. That means you don’t have to download it onto any specific computer – an invaluable convenience for those avoiding complex programming languages or software installations. Plus, its less likely to encounter bugs or crashes than many other robots; but still recommended for testing purposes before being deployed live on real accounts.

It’s a regulated EA

Daxbot is a trading robot developed for use on the DAX30/DAX40 markets that relies on momentum and volume trades. Utilizing an algorithm designed to assess price congestion levels and pivot points, Daxbot takes full advantage of “golden hour,” an 8 am period when major traders place their trades.

This regulated EA is compatible with any broker and comes with a money-back guarantee, but there are several important considerations before investing. For instance, its website lacks any sales videos or pictures of luxurious cars or mansions; users also only have access to its demo robot mode for one minute at any given time.

Though DAXRobot is not a regulated broker, they take an ethical and responsible approach to protecting both customer privacy and funds. All transactions are encrypted using 256-bit SSL protocol while their funds are held in European banks for safe keeping.