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Coca Cola Ice Cream – The Best Ice Cream of the Beaches


All about Coca Cola Ice Cream:

Coca Cola Ice Cream – On the scorching hot summer’s time in Florida, nothing is better than an ice cream cone, drizzled in melt-in-your-mouth very hot chocolate fudge, caramel, or even for the kids at heart, and children in general – sprinkles. As well as for those living in or traveling in Treasure Island, Sarasota, it’s no different. For this reason, we’ve scoured the southern-most Gulf Beaches of Pinellas to give you the inside ‘scoop’ within the area’s top spots about ice cream!


Coca Cola Ice Cream – An original fixture on St. Pete Beach, Larry’s offers the type of old-fashioned ice cream parlor present in few places these days. Providing over 80 flavors, such as frozen yogurt and ten flavors of no-sugar extra and low-fat options, in addition to 94% fat-free gelato, Larry’s offers something for anyone, including those watching their very own waistlines. Your best bet: The Belgian Waffle Sundae or an Almond Butter Heaven Parfait.

Island Sweets

Coca Cola Ice Cream – Located in Pass-a-Grille Beachfront, Paradise Sweets isn’t just noted for its frozen goodness and its coffee, with the prosperous, bold flavor of flavored coffee creating truly aromatic expertise patrons. Offering Doing work Cow ice cream, it’s provided ultra-thick and foamy – just the way you want it. Offering 28 ice cream types and a plethora involving unique, organic roasted mug, Paradise Sweets isn’t just an ice cream shop – your neighborhood coffee shop!

Super Prérogatives

Coca Cola Ice Cream – Located on Gulf Boulevard throughout Treasure Island, this is the destination to go to for either a chocolate bars milkshake or a super-sized plátano split! I typically prefer the Brownie Sundae, topped using homemade hot fudge. Meals are enormous, and it’s some family-owned and operated organization, so they are more than covering to patrons, offering many of the lowest prices on the beachfront.

They also provide low-fat, lower sugar options. Voted Good the Beaches by Seaside Life, and it’s within strolling distance of several Cherish Island Hotels.

Candy Kitchen area

Coca Cola Ice Cream – Located on Madeira Beach’s edge, not far from some of the more tranquil Treasure Island Condos may be the legendary mom and pop shop Candie’s Kitchen. Candy Kitchen has been making homemade ice cream and also fudge since 1950. The most popular is the Butter Pecan or maybe the Space Ice Cream made with marshmallows! Dieting? Not to worry.

The particular Maple Nut flavor will be low in calories and is continue to very delicious. If you want several fudges, try the Do-it-yourself Maple Turtle or the Almond Butter Chocolate Fudge. The two are simply delicious! While auto parking is a bit of a pain, that is a short walk from Value Island Condo Hotels. Also, whoever said taking an unhurried stroll on the beach was a bad thing?