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Buying a Purple BMX Bike


This purple BMX bike is ideal for your daughter to ride on flat surfaces and small hills, thanks to its durable steel frame and comfortable seat. Easy mounting/dismounting makes this bicycle accessible, while its front/rear hand brakes provide added safety and control.

Built with a mid-bottom bracket and fully sealed hubs, this BMX for your little rider provides them with everything they need for maximum fun on skateparks or dirt jumps. Plus, its tall order pro sprocket and catch pedals give your child extra confidence on this bike.


BMX bikes are built to handle the high-impact nature of freestyle tricks, as well as the exploratory adventures of young riders. Their compact frames, sturdy builds, and enhanced components are ideal for beginner riders as well as experienced pros alike – providing everyone an enjoyable ride experience on the street, park, and dirt terrain alike.

A purple BMX bike is an ideal choice for beginner riders looking for an enjoyable riding experience at an accessible price point. Featuring upgraded specifications such as Hi-Ten steel frames and 3-piece cranks from Chromoly with big soft tires designed to absorb any bumps while learning to ride, its upgraded specs and low price point make this bike an excellent entry into this exciting sport without breaking the bank.

The Sunday Forecaster Purple BMX Bike in Matte Midnight Purple is an ideal option for younger riders learning to do jumps and park-based tricks. Its park geometry provides easier maneuvering on the bike while performing stunts, with shorter standover height and chainstay length, making it easier to perform jumps or flips without fear of cable tangling or brake cable jamming when performing flips or other types of tricks. Also included is an Odyssey G3 detangler kit to protect brake cables against becoming jammed when performing flips or similar schemes.

The Elite BMX Destro Purple Blast Freestyle Bicycle boasts a Hi-Ten steel frame with a sealed headset and mid-BB to ensure durability and reliability, along with a piece Cr-Mo crank, high top load stem, and handlebar to make riding and controlling it simple. In addition, its cassette hub and sealed U-brake provide modern durability so that this bicycle will withstand years of use!

Frame Material

Frames are at the core of every BMX bike, and your type of riding will have a significant influence in selecting an appropriate structure for yourself. Also critical when making this decision are height and what height your preferred rider height would be; both these factors could change which size frame would best suit you. Choosing a BMX frame should be treated like any piece of equipment: It should fit snugly.

Built specifically for technical park and transition riding, this purple BMX bike comes complete with Odyssey and Sunday components as well as a G3 Detangler kit to enable barspins and tailwhips without worrying about brake cables getting tangled up. Chromemoly construction ensures durability and removable brake mounts give a clean look when taking them off of the frame.

This purple BMX bike makes a fantastic entry-level model for those starting in BMX racing. Equipped with a high top load stem and handlebar, a cassette hub, and a U-brake for optimal riding comfort – modern equipment that will help you learn your first tricks quickly!

The STR 2 was specifically designed for street use, featuring a steep 75.5 head angle and shorter chainstays to give it its snappy ride quality. Constructed of chromoly with internal gussets in its top and down tubes to increase strength and stiffness, its finishing touches include black wheels and tires with tall order pro sprocket and matching catch pedals for a complete package.

Frame Color

Your bike’s frame color can have a significant impact on how it feels and performs, as it serves as its core. Some frames are tailored explicitly to BMX racing machines with steep head angles and large rear ends, and invested cast chainstay yoke designs, giving these bikes an aesthetic design that provides you with an edge off the line.

Other frames are created to be both comfortable and playful. These typically utilize higher quality steel that’s both more durable and easier to adjust, providing for responsive and responsive adjustments that don’t leave gaps or flaws in their structure. Some such frames use E3 welding, which creates stronger welds without leaving gaps or deficiencies behind in the frame’s construction.

Radio Bikes’ “Saiko 20” BMX Bike in Metallic Purple is an entry-level complete bike equipped with a solid one-piece crank and sealed rear hub – ideal for beginning riders looking to learn basic riding techniques and start mastering basic tricks. Furthermore, its mid-BB frame conforms to modern standards of quality for BMX bikes.

Frame Size

Choosing the appropriate frame size for your bike is of utmost importance, taking into account factors like your height and the riding you intend on doing. A longer frame will provide excellent stability at high speeds, while shorter ones tend to be more responsive; additionally, make sure the shelf will accommodate any specific tires you will use on it.

A BMX frame is a highly personal purchase, and it is essential to take your time when selecting one. If you need assistance when making this choice, consult a salesperson at your local bicycle shop or contact an expert online. BMX frames have evolved dramatically in recent years, providing options suitable for riders of all skill levels.

The BSD Grime V2 is Denim Cox’s signature frame, built to excel on skateparks, dirt jumps, and any terrain imaginable. Featuring a steep 75.5 head angle and 12.8-13.2-inch chain stay length that is invested cast for extra strength, this rider-inspired machine can do it all!

This high-spec complete bike features full chromoly tubing and sealed bearings throughout, featuring lightweight 2.3″ Wallride tires on 40mm wide XL double wall rims that add strength while looking fantastic – combined with tall order pro sprocket and Catch pedals, making this the ideal BMX Bike for riders who wish to expand their skills further.

BSD Solar BMX Race Frame – Purple

This top-quality frame, constructed of Torayca carbon and featuring a monocoque one-piece design to eliminate weak fatigue points, comes equipped with internal cable routing and comes complete with a complimentary chain tensioner set. Alloy seat clamp and dropouts complete its durability and appearance, while its top tube features special coating for increased look and wear resistance. Compatible with disc brakes and with a 27.2″ seat post diameter, it makes an impressive first impression.

Size can best be determined when measuring a BMX by looking at its rider’s height – this is known as “stand over height”, or SO height. To take this measurement, stand up straight with feet shoulder-width apart, place a book between your legs, and raise it as high as you can without touching the floor; the distance from the book to the bottom represents your inseam measurement.