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Bustos Real Estate Reviews


Whether you’re looking to sell your home or buy one, you may be wondering if William Bustos Real Estate is the right team to help you. If you’re new to the real estate industry, it’s important to find a team that will help you become a success.

Rebecca and Amy are two of Utah’s best real estate agents

Whether you are looking for a landlord/tenant mediator, a community dispute mediator, or a small claims mediator, you can find a Utah mediation service that is able to help you. Here are a few of the best Utah real estate mediation services available.

Amy Lucas is an experienced landlord/tenant mediator and a small claims mediator. She has a business degree from Brigham Young University and completed a Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution from the University of Utah. She also has several years of experience in Human Resources and contracts. She has successfully mediated contract cases, landlord/tenant disputes, and small claims cases. She has also worked as a full-time mother for 15 years. She enjoys the positive outcomes that she has been able to achieve for her clients.

William Bustos is a high-performing, success-driven, culture-focused real estate team

Listed below are the highs and lows of one of Utah’s leading real estate teams. While it’s easy to dismiss this outfit’s reputation for micromanagement and egotistical conduct, the good news is that there’s more to Bustos Real Estate than meets the eye.

This real estate powerhouse offers a full complement of services, from multi-unit sales to income property analysis to first-time home buyers to short sales. They are also well-equipped to train newcomers to the real estate game. The team has a solid commitment to quality customer service, which is important in an industry where churn rates are high.

William Bustos is a great place to start a real estate career

Whether you’re in the market to purchase your first home or are looking to sell your existing abode, William Bustos is the man. With over 30 years of experience in the real estate business, William is an expert at bringing buyers and sellers together in a way that is mutually beneficial. In fact, he’s ranked among the top agents in Utah. For more information, contact William Bustos at (801) 355-9100. You may also wish to consult his website at for a more formalized consultation. You’ll be glad you did! You can also find out what’s in store for your next move by browsing through his current listings.