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Bubble Braid Tutorial – How to Make a Spider Bubble Braid


In this bubble braid tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a spider bubble braid. You’ll also learn how to secure the bubble with a clear elastic band. In the end, you’ll have a gorgeous hairstyle that will turn heads. It’s an easy and quick way to add a stylish touch to your hairstyle.

How to make a spider bubble braid

To make this fun hairstyle, first clip off a section of hair. Next, tie the hair into a ponytail. You can tie elastics around the tail to make bubbles. Once you have the right amount of hair and are ready to make the spider bubble braid, you are ready to start braiding.

Depending on the style you want, you can attach rings of spiders to the hair elastics. To create a spider bubble braid, start with a side ponytail. Next, angle the ponytail down. Then, begin working on the rest of the hair. This hairstyle is simple, and you can even add spider rings for added effect.

The spider bubble braid is essentially 4 tiny ponytails down the back of your head. You will need hair elastics, which you can buy online or at Target. You can also use a spray bottle to help hold the hair in place. Once you have the elastics on the sections, you can push them down to make them bigger or smaller.

A mid-bubble braid is the biggest hairstyle trend of the year for 2021, and you can try it out easily. This style has three braids on the peak. Spider rings are perfect for creating this braid because they are the perfect shape for the bubble effect.

How to secure a bubble with a clear elastic band

When you’re trying to secure a bubble braid, you’ll need to ensure that your hair is secure enough for the elastic band to hold it in place. The elastic band should be wide enough to hold your hair tightly, but not too tight. You want to leave enough space between elastics to allow the bubbles to pop and move in different directions. If you’re having trouble securing your bubble braid, you can use holding products to make it stay in place. You can also use a dry shampoo or finishing spray to help keep it in place.

If you’re trying to secure a bubble braid with elastics, Colombini recommends using clear elastic bands in a color that matches your hair. Wrap the elastic band a few inches from the base of the braid and wrap it until it reaches the desired length. Once the elastic band has been secured, pull the hair out from the elastic band to create the bubble effect.

Once you’ve secured the bubble braid in place, you can secure the remaining portions of your hair with hair ties. You can also use clear elastic bands to give your bubble braid a more natural finish. To make the bubble braid look even more spectacular, choose a color-coordinating scrunchie and secure it with a clear elastic band.

How to achieve the bubble look

To achieve this look, you will first need to loosen your hair. This is easier to do with thick hair than with thin hair. Fine or thinning hair may require teasing or a thickening spray. Next, you will need an elastic to hold the braid in place. Make sure that the elastics are placed evenly apart from each other for good results.

Now, you can start braiding your hair. You can start with a high or medium-sized braid. Then, tie the second section of hair to the first one. You can also add an elastic if you’d like. After that, you will want to create a topsy tail by pulling the remaining hair through the two ponytails.

If you want a shorter hairstyle, you can make a lower ponytail. However, this will create a sleeker look. Use two elastics a few inches apart. To make your hairstyle look even more spectacular, you can add different colored hair ties or butterfly clips between the bubbles.

After the bubble braid is finished, make sure you spray your hair to hold it in place. You can use a hairspray that has a stronghold. L’Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Strong Hold Hairspray is an excellent choice for this purpose. This product will hold your hairstyle in place without leaving your hair tangled.