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Bodaq Interior Film Price


BODAQ interior film’s replicating the colors, textures, and tactile sensations of natural materials such as wooden railings, marble walls, or concrete panels. Tips on surfacing film.

Bodaq Interior Film quickly and cost-effectively creates unique interior spaces through its eco-friendly, highly durable, and eye-catching pattern designs.

Easy to install

The self-adhesive film offers an easy and affordable way to change the appearance of your home or office without going through extensive renovation work. Available in various designs, colors, and textures that will add character and beauty to your space, it makes any room more beautiful and stylish.

450+ pattern library successfully simulates materials such as woodgrains, metals, stone, and fabric to provide interior designers and residential clients with affordable surfacing solutions to refresh their homes or offices on a budget.

Famous in commercial and hospitality environments that regularly undergo cycles to restyle their spaces, it offers healthy, safe, sustainable solutions with antibacterial properties.

Installation is simple with its air-channeled adhesive making adhesion straightforward. As a result, waste generation during installation is minimized, while designers can decorate interiors according to their tastes and desires.

Easy to remove

Bodaq interior film price is an adhesive vinyl architectural film designed with air-channeled adhesive to make installation quick and straightforward. Bodaq can be found anywhere a durable surface is desired: homes, businesses, hotels, hospitality establishments, multi-family dwellings, stores, or malls – anywhere that requires design-forward yet stable characters for clients.

Patterns and textures mimicking wood, stone, marble, concrete, paint, metal, and fabric have been carefully tested by international agencies against stringent criteria to meet demanding performance and environmental standards.

Traditional restoration methods cost money in terms of materials and service fees; using this product instead saves both in terms of money held as well as safety concerns; it does not contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and phthalates; its manufacturing is eco-friendly with reduced volatile organic compound emissions; its antibacterial properties have been certified by recognized institutions; additionally it has flame retardancy testing requirements which meet various installation needs and stability tests for stability requirements.


Interior film prices from Bodaq Interior Film Price provide an eco-friendly way of rejuvenating homes or businesses without breaking the bank. Bodaq film allows quick and cost-effective renovations at a fraction of traditional renovation costs.

These films come in patterns that mimic surfaces like wood, stone, or paint and can be used for anything from covering windows to providing privacy.

They are lightweight and flexible enough to restyle flat or curved surfaces such as walls, ceilings, furniture, etc. In addition, their Airfree adhesive technology makes this self-adhesive refinishing solution quick and simple to install or maintain.

Bodaq interior film, manufactured by Hyundai L& C of South Korea and available in multiple colors, patterns, and textures to meet all your design needs. Ideal for homes, commercial spaces, and rental properties – Bodaq offers the perfect solution to renew any room’s decor!


BODAQ Interior Film is a commercial-grade self-adhesive vinyl architectural film. With an air-channeled adhesive backing that makes installation fast and waste-free. Installation time can be reduced significantly thanks to air-channeled adhesive technology.

Over 450 patterns offer convincing impressions of woodgrains, metal and stone textures, and fabric and paint surfaces – from fabric and paint stains to wood grain patterns. Plus, this surfacing solution resists moisture and stains!

With so many designs and colors to choose from, there is sure to be something that matches your taste. A quick and inexpensive way of changing up the appearance of any space.

Bodaq interior film is self-adhesive and easy to install, providing a faster and healthier solution than wallpaper. No VOCs or odors offgassing!

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