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Best Supermarkets in Charlotte


Whether you’re a regular grocery shopper or an avid foodie, Charlotte offers plenty of places to shop for groceries. To find out which grocery store our readers loved best from the 16 options available, we asked them to vote!

Harris Teeter emerged with a commanding majority of voters, followed by Florida-based Publix with 70% of the vote.

Vieng Keo Asian Market

Are you searching for an Asian market that provides a diverse selection of items? Vieng Keo Asian Market is the perfect stop. This family-run shop stocks Southeast Asian staples like noodles, sauces, spices, snacks, beverages, and frozen treats – everything from noodles to sauces!

At this market, they offer a selection of fresh produce, such as fruits and vegetables, along with eggs. Their noodle section is imposing, and they offer housemade prepackaged items like summer rolls, spring rolls, and rice dishes that can be taken directly home for quick convenience.

This mid-sized market is hidden in a charming strip mall near PNC Pavillion. They carry an extensive selection of noodles, spices, sauces, snacks, and frozen foods from the Philippines; plus, they have catering services for authentic Filipino cuisine.

Triveni Indian Market

For Indian food enthusiasts, Triveni is the go-to store. Here you’ll find an impressive selection of dals, rice, flours, spices, sauces, pickles, and snacks to suit any need.

It also boasts a small section of fresh meat and an in-house bakery, plus it has an inviting hot food counter where you can sample delectable dishes like biryani or curry for yourself.

The store has two locations: one in Pineville and the other near University. Both offer a selection of Indian foods like samosas and chai.

Charlotte is known as a hub of Asian culture, but plenty of other restaurants and shops are dedicated to different cuisines. South Riding Town Center will soon host Triveni, an Indian supermarket. This small brand has two locations in North Carolina, with more coming soon.

Dany’s Supermarket

One of Charlotte’s more unique stores is Dany’s Supermarket, a national grocery chain located in the Mallard Creek area of Charlotte. Although relatively new to the community, this store has impacted the local landscape with its friendly attitude and helpful staff. Dany’s may not be the biggest or flashiest store, but it offers the widest selection of items at unbeatably low prices – giving it a clear edge over its competition. Dany’s offers an impressive selection of branded and generic merchandise, but what truly sets this store apart is the upbeat, friendly atmosphere customers are treated to. Plus, as a family-run business, they take great pride in customer service and stock fresh and safe items for consumption.

Food Lion

With their numerous stores throughout Charlotte, Food Lion provides affordable and convenient supermarket options for city residents. The company is dedicated to serving its customers and providing outstanding customer service in every store they open.

Furthermore, the company has long championed supplier diversity. It strives to include more brands owned by minorities, women, veterans, disabled, and LGBT individuals on its shelves.

Food Lion offers the Food Lion To Go omnichannel grocery pick-up service as a way for customers to save money and improve their health. Now available at 25 additional stores throughout the Carolinas, customers can shop online and pick them up at their local Food Lion store at no extra cost – featuring the same low prices and fresh foods they find in-store. This free service helps consumers take control of their grocery shopping while enjoying all the convenience.