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Best Craft Furniture for Every Room in Your Home


Craft furniture typically falls within three categories – Shaker, Mission, and Art Deco styles – and is hand-crafted by skilled craftspeople using bench construction methods to ensure maximum quality in every piece.

Customers can trust using mill-tested fabrics delivered via their trucks to guarantee quality products from factory to store. Customizability through fabric/material selections and 5-inch size increments also allows for flexibility.

Dining Room

Your family comes together for meals and relaxation in your dining room, making it an important space. Craft furniture makes an excellent choice for this area as it comes in various styles and colors, with some even featuring cute patterns or decorations!

Craft furniture should be constructed from solid and sturdy materials for long-term use. It should also fit seamlessly with your home’s aesthetic – for instance, if it has modern elements, consider modern craft pieces as they may last longer and don’t break as easily. When looking for craft pieces to complement the decor in your home, it is also essential that they match its style – for instance, modern craft pieces are an ideal addition!

Rapids Home Furnishings in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, is proud to be an authorized Best Craft Furniture Products dealer. Each bench-made piece by this innovative furniture company uses mill-tested fabrics that reduce back orders while being delivered via their trucks for quality assurance.


As you prepare meals in the kitchen, you need an inviting place to sit. Shelves that provide ample storage are an intelligent solution – similar to bookcases; they will help organize and neaten everything neatly while making your kitchen stand out. Why not select shelves with unique designs to give it that exceptional edge?

Craft furniture can be both functional and fashionable, combining practicality with style. Available in various colors, designs, and patterns – some even boasting adorable decorations that make any room or play area stand out – craft furniture can help organize and tidy up spaces in which it resides!

Best Craft Furniture is a family owned custom order upholstery company founded on high quality and medium price points. Their family ownership and dedication have made them successful; each piece of Best Craft furniture is bench-made by skilled artisans using wood frames, fill material, cut and sewn fabric panels, and seat cushions that have been transformed from mere components into functional home furnishings products by one skilled person using mill tested fabrics that ensure minimal back orders; their delivery trucks ensure products arrive undamaged.

Plymouth Furniture offers Best Craft’s apartment-sized sofas, which are the ideal solution when traditional-sized sofas are too large. Fully upholstered, with different wood trim options ranging from rustic North Wood rusticity to mission-style design – they’re fully suited to accommodate smaller living spaces!


Bedrooms are magical places, offering rest and sleep and space to play, study, and discover something new. A typical bedroom may include various pieces of furniture, such as beds, dressers, and nightstands, to help create this enchanting atmosphere.

Some home craft furniture is created to look pretty and feature attractive patterns or decorations, usually constructed out of wood with modern aesthetics and sometimes featuring additional special features to make it even more helpful. This type of homecraft furniture may even come with unique features that make it extra useful.

Best Craft Furniture’s apartment-sized sofas are an excellent solution for rooms where traditional sofas would be too large. Their futon comes in different styles, from north wood rustic to mission style. Mill-tested fabrics help prevent back orders while their trucks ensure products arrive safely at their destinations. Their furniture is affordable yet high quality – Rapids Home Furnishings in Wisconsin Rapids is an authorized dealer of Best Craft products.