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Best Commercial Lawyers


Business law is an expansive area that encompasses business formation, corporate transactions, employment law, securities law litigation, contracts, taxes and intellectual property protection.

If your company requires ongoing legal guidance or you require help with a particular project, Washington’s top business lawyers are ready to assist. Our budget-friendly lawyers specialize in many different areas of business law such as commercial litigation, business transactions, contract disputes and more.

Business Litigation

Business disputes can be a huge drain on a company’s resources and distract employees from the daily tasks necessary for running an efficient and successful business.

Commercial lawyers in Washington can be an invaluable asset during times of legal difficulty. They will help you resolve your business dispute quickly and efficiently, allowing you to keep running a successful company.

Disputations can take many forms, such as breach of contract cases, partnership/joint venture disputes, class action lawsuits and even business torts. A business litigation lawyer in Washington State can help safeguard your company’s assets and guarantee you receive all compensation due.

Business Transactions

Commercial lawyers in Washington offer legal assistance with a range of issues, from contract negotiations to mergers and acquisitions. Some specialize in more traditional areas while others focus on technology-driven solutions. The best businesses will take initiative to help your business progress; an experienced business lawyer will give you insight into the bigger picture while keeping you focused on what needs to get done.

When selecting a business law firm, it’s best to choose one that specializes in your industry. That way, they will understand your individual needs and deliver the highest quality service. Plus, they have access to up-to-date legal technology and software. The ideal firms will have knowledgeable attorneys with an impressive record of success when providing top-notch legal solutions to their clients. Be sure to inquire about fees before signing on the dotted line about what services will cost before signing any agreements.

Contract Disputes

When your business or construction firm is involved in a legal dispute, it is essential to seek experienced and knowledgeable legal counsel. Whether the matter is simple enough for arbitration or requires litigation, Washington’s top commercial lawyers are ready to help find a resolution.

Every business owner is subject to a series of contracts with employees, clients and contractors. Most of these arrangements require the parties to perform an act or provide payment in exchange for goods or services.

Contracts can sometimes become the source of disputes due to unclear terms or disagreements between parties. This is known as contract ambiguity and often leads to a breach of contract claim.

In such cases, a contract lawyer will try to resolve the dispute by reviewing all documents and ascertaining each party’s true intentions. Unfortunately, this may not always be possible.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate consists of a diverse collection of properties used for business operations and income generation for property owners. These buildings may include office space, retail shops, hotels, apartment complexes or warehouses.

Residential real estate, on the other hand, are properties intended to be lived in. A house or apartment building would fall under this category because they provide a place for people to reside.

Some commercial buildings don’t neatly fit into one of these categories, such as hospitals or self-storage units. Nonetheless, these still fall under the commercial classification since they’re for-profit businesses and must adhere to zoning regulations.

Our Washington real estate sales and leasing attorneys possess in-depth expertise to address any unique issues that may arise in this sector. They’ll help you get the highest price for your property while achieving the results you require. Get in touch with us to learn more about our commercial real estate services today!