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Bamboo Insurance Reviews


Bamboo Insurance is a newly formed California-based insurance company established on client advocacy and transparency principles. Currently underwritten by XL Catlin and backed by some of the biggest property insurers in the industry, Bamboo offers personalized policies with easy set-up and low monthly payments on all product lines.

Customer Service

Bamboo Insurance Reviews offer several benefits to customers. The company’s website allows users to get quotes, explore different insurance programs, make premium payments, and file a claim after an incident.

Customer service is also a big part of the experience at Bamboo. The company strives to provide clients with a transparent policy that includes deductibles, items that may be excluded from coverage, and limits.

Lastly, the customer service team can answer questions and help dispel doubts. This can be done via the website or by contacting a company agent directly.

Bamboo is a new insurance company that offers personalized policies with easy set-up and low monthly payments. Their product lines include homeowners, auto insurance, umbrella insurance, flood insurance, earthquake insurance, renters, and commercial policies.


As the name suggests, Bamboo Insurance is all about transparency. It uses the latest in cloud-based technology to provide a seamless home insurance experience from start to finish. The company’s website includes several features that make it easy for consumers to compare and shop for the best rates on various policies.

Founded in 2018 by nine insurance industry veterans, the California-based startup is looking to shake up the state’s insurance industry with its innovative solutions. A recent partnership with Snapsheet, a cloud-native claims management software leader, will help Bamboo elevate its best-in-class customer experience and modern approach to insurance.

The company specializes in property and specialty home and commercial insurance and offers a comprehensive suite of products designed to protect homeowners, businesses, vacationers, and more. They also boast a slick mobile app that allows customers to manage their policies from anywhere at any time. In addition, a slew of innovative technologies and service-oriented employees have helped the fledgling company become the darling of the insurance world.

Coverage Options

Bamboo Insurance offers a variety of property coverages, including homeowners, auto, umbrella, and flood. The company also provides earthquake and renters policies.

The company aims to make the home insurance experience simple and transparent for customers while delivering excellent service. They use technology to help provide this experience and are known for their customer-first mindset.

This fresh approach is helping Bamboo achieve a lot of happy clients who need dwelling insurance. They offer various options to ensure that every client can get the best coverage and service possible.

InsurTech companies are often disruptive, aiming to disrupt the traditional insurance model and deliver superior products and services. These companies can be either pure distribution plays or carriers with a hybrid model that includes distribution and underwriting capabilities.


Bamboo is a new and innovative company that offers dwelling insurance policies. They aim to create a positive customer experience through their website, which includes a portal where customers can get quotes, explore different programs, make premium payments, and file a claim after an incident.

However, their rates can be higher than average. This is why combining policies and exploring discounts with an agent is essential. This way, you can significantly reduce your overall costs.

Established on the principles of client defense and transparency in services, Bamboo is a young company that has received endorsement from some prestigious organizations in the property insurance industry.

Its fresh approach and customer-first mindset help it remove barriers in its customers’ paths. Its innovative approach to insurance allows them to create flexible, adaptable insurance solutions that are easy to use and grow with you.