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ADU Development: Is It Right For You?


Is your home starting to feel crowded? Do you wish you had some extra income or maybe your own home office or gym? If you answered yes to any of these questions, ADU development might be right for you!

Extra Rental Income

Building an ADU yourself can be a great way to bring in extra rental income for your family. You can use that extra income to pay off your ADU or to save up to finally buy that car you have been looking at. You can also use an ADU to house hack by living in the ADU and renting out your main home to pay off your mortgage more quickly.

Multi-Generational Housing

Is your house starting to feel crowded because your parents or in-laws moved in? Does your cousin need a place to stay during the housing crisis? Is your child turning 18 and seeking more independence but not quite ready to take the leap of moving completely out? An ADU is a perfect solution for any of these problems!

Especially for aging loved ones, an ADU gives them the ability to maintain a level of independence while still being close to you in case something goes wrong. This helps keep them out of nursing homes and out of your home too so that everyone can maintain their own level of privacy.

Non-Living Space Ideas

Maybe you are not interested in renting out your ADU but are interested in having a home office that isn’t within your noisy home. An ADU allows you the space to have somewhere quiet to go while you need to work but can’t go into the office. It is a great way to prevent those oh-no moments when someone interrupts you during an important business call you are forced to do in your living room or bedroom because you don’t have a home office.

An ADU can also be great for:

  • Home gyms
  • Pool houses
  • Family game rooms
  • Bachelor pads
  • She sheds

Essentially, an ADU is a great investment for anyone looking for more space than their house is offering.

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