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6 Industrial Advantages Of Argon Gases in 2021


Argon is a gas widely used in various industries in today’s scenario. One can observe this gas being used commonly for welding, cutting, and other industrial applications. In such cases, it is critical to comprehend the breadth of their applications. Many manufacturers produce high-grade argon for such reasons. However, there are a few features of argon gas that make them preferable for multiple industries. Without these gases, individuals will have to rely on alternate sources for such applications. Thus, this article will focus on elucidating the features of this gas along with its uses in the industry. 

Features Of Argon

Here are some of these features that make these gases preferable for industrial applications in today’s world.

i)  Odourless – Firstly, argon does not have any odour. The gas itself does not emit any smell. Apart from the industrial application in the manufacturing industry, this feature is highly beneficial to those working in the biomedical field. 

ii) Colorless – Secondly, argon does not have any colour. It is a colourless gas. This feature makes it beneficial for use in the lighting industry, as the gas becomes amiable to all kinds of light. One can observe many organizations making high use of this gas in neon lighting and similar products. 

Applications of Argon in Industries

As observed, these features of argon gas make it an excellent gas to use in a wide range of industries. Here are some industries that make use of this gas.

i) Welding – First and foremost, argon gets used widely in the welding industry. The primary reason behind this fact is, argon helps shield the atmosphere while welding. The inert feature of this gas allows individuals to proceed with such activities without harming themselves in the process. In addition, the protective layer prevents moisture and other pollutants from affecting individuals carrying out such activities. Thus, argon is preferred highly in the welding industry in today’s scenario. 

ii) Healthcare – Secondly, argon gets used widely in the healthcare industry. A plethora of professionals uses this gas in the treatment of eye issues. Research studies reveal many professionals making high use of argon in today’s world to treat ophthalmological problems. 

iii) Lighting Industry – Thirdly, one can also observe the use of argon in the lighting industry. Many businesses make use of neon lights today. These lights have specific properties that attract people toward the shop. Research and surveys reveal the benefits of visual merchandising. These activities help businesses stand out from the rest and make a name for themselves in the industry. Argon as a gas adapts itself to any lighting since it’s colourless. Popular colours used today are neon-purple, neon-green, etc. 

iv) Scuba Diving – One can also observe the use of this gas in the diving industry. Divers use insulated cold suits for scuba diving and other similar purposes. The inert nature, combined with the low thermal conductivity, makes it preferable for individuals to use them underwater.

In conclusion, manufacturers who supply high-grade argon gas deliver exquisite products to their clients. These clients make use of the gas for various applications in the industry. The multiple features of this gas make it a product with high demand. Thus, the wide range of applications of this product, along with its features, makes it a highly preferred product in today’s world.