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5 Ways to Create Memories With Your Best Friend


Spend a memorable day making new memories with your best friend! Begin by purchasing an adorable scrapbook and filling it with pictures representing both of you.

Are you two thrill-seekers looking for a thrilling new challenge? Why not give extreme sports a try together? Not only will your adrenaline be pumping, but sharing your experience on TikTok will add another level of enjoyment!

Start your day with the sun(rise)

Sunrises are among the greatest gifts from Mother Nature. Although some might disagree, witnessing a sunrise can bring renewed hope for each new day ahead – no wonder it has inspired poets, painters, and musicians throughout history!

If you have never witnessed a sunrise, it is well worth getting up early to see its beauty. Detecting our planet’s turn from darkness into light is unforgettable and reminds us of how vital each tiny aspect of our lives is.

Listening to sunrise songs can also be an enjoyable way to start the day positively. From Norah Jones’ mellow cover of Yoko Ono’s “Waiting for the Sunrise” and Luke Bryan’s classic summer love tune “Just Don’t Leave Me Now,” there are plenty of inspiring sunrise songs available that are sure to lift spirits and help kick start your day on an optimistic note.

Start a new hobby.

Hobbies can help strengthen mental and physical well-being, providing an outlet to relax and have fun while improving emotional well-being. Finding one to suit both your personality and interests may prove challenging; Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess suggests taking a hard look around your home for any hobbies that you started but didn’t complete — perhaps learning Italian only for a brief summer period or crocheting but never moving past the initial row of stitches are examples of such projects that might exist somewhere around there!

Finding your new hobby requires carefully considering your individual needs. What activity makes you most engaged, contented, and productive? Is it physical work or creative expression? To determine this quickly and accurately, keep a weekly time diary to uncover patterns and needs.

Once you find an activity you enjoy, Monyee says fitting it into your lifestyle and schedule is vital. She suggests beginning it with someone – making sure they hold you accountable will make sticking to an early morning workout class much harder!

Plan a coffee date.

Coffee dates are ideal if you’re long-distance dating or want to connect casually, allowing you to meet face-to-face and have meaningful in-person discussions. They can even work around busy schedules by being planned during weekends or lunch breaks.

Coffee dates can be challenging. Without clear communication of what the meeting entails as a date, your date may think they’re just hanging out and miss the cue to move the conversation along.

Eye contact may be problematic if you’re meeting at a busy cafe. To prevent this, it is advisable to choose a quiet and private location where it will be easier for both of you to make eye contact and maintain a comfortable conversation without staring down at each other; this will enable meaningful dialogues while building trust.

Set your goals

If you and your BFF share an adventurous spirit, set a goal together to complete one or two bucket list items – this could range from running a 5K or climbing a mountain to visiting a theme park and riding all its roller coasters. Having someone encouraging and supporting when facing challenges can make all the difference in pushing through fears.

Your best friend should always fight hard on your behalf against those who hurt you (even if it means taking on Econ class girls, boyfriends, or your mother) to show her loyalty and support of your goals and aspirations.

An effective way to determine if your BFF is genuinely your ride or die is by seeing if she knows your usual food order at Chick-Fil-A, Cookout, McDonald’s or iHop – whether Chick-Fil-A, Cookout, McDonald’s or iHop is. An actual ride-or-die will know this and get extra points if she recognizes your preferred sauces or drinks!