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5 Uses For Scrap Paper


Every paper artist has a stack of scraps strewn across their table – either neatly stacked or disorganized and they feel guilty each time they discard these beautiful paper bits. Sort out the scrap paper for sale.

Try one of these paper scrap projects instead of throwing away! They’re fun, functional, and eco-friendly!

Recycled Paper

Recycled paper can be an eco-friendly option for scrap or DIY projects since it requires much less energy than producing new paper from virgin materials. Recyclable paper requires up to 80% less power during its manufacturing and has a significantly smaller carbon footprint than office papers that contain heavy metals or oils for production.

Paper recycling begins when paper waste arrives at a paper mill and is processed into pulp using giant machines called pulpers, which shred it and mix it with water and chemicals to break down fibers and break them down further. Some papers may even require de-inking at this stage using hydrogen peroxide as well.

Once the pulp has been prepared, it is pressed and dried before being transformed into sheets of paper or cardboard. Based on fiber length analysis, various grades are identified. Grade A paper typically serves as copy/printer paper, while grade B includes corrugated containers, paperboard packaging materials, and residential mixed paper.

Some paper products, such as toilet tissue and kitchen roll, are also constructed from recycled paper, although they cannot be recycled again due to short fibers. Nonetheless, their production allows us to avoid sending them directly into landfills which would cause methane gas emissions – 21 times more potent than CO2.

Wall Art

Whether you’re decorating the room or hallway, wall art will add warmth. Instead of buying store-bought artwork that stands the test of time and weather conditions, DIY your pieces – using scrap paper, card stock, or any other material available for crafting wall art pieces is sure to save money and add style!

Scrap paper can also be used to craft items around the home. For instance, gift boxes and bags can be decorated using decorative scraps of paper; you could create labels for items in your pantry or closet with them, embellish binder clips using them, or even use scraps to craft an eye-catching wreath to hang from your doorway!

Another effective way of recycling paper scraps is by adding them to the compost bin. The paper helps the process go more quickly while providing nutrients for plants and vegetables.

Your local businesses that recycle paper may also buy your scrap. The price you receive depends on several factors, including its type and amount of recycled content – typically, higher recycled content percentages will garner higher prices.

Gift Boxes

Gift boxes typically conjure images of little tins of cookies or cello-wrapped body lotion. But gift boxes don’t just serve one function – they have many other uses, from home office supplies and paper scrap storage to ribbon embellishments for decorative touches.

Gift boxes can help save on storage costs while giving someone special something they will surely cherish.

If you’re struggling to use up those paper scraps, try backing them onto a heavier piece of card. Doing so will prolong the paper’s durability while adding color contrast and visual interest. This simple solution makes creating tiny tags, decorating pockets or envelopes, or adding pretty backgrounds for junk journals much more straightforward!

Making recycled paper from paper scraps is another easy use for paper scraps and can be found at papermaking supply shops. A mold is used to hold pulp, while deckles act as screens that cover your mold to form the paper sheets you will eventually recycle or use as gift boxes or containers.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are a great way to set reminders or list tasks when space is tight quickly, yet these slim squares of paper offer so much more! Not only are they versatile, but they come in different colors, too, allowing for endless creative uses!

Sticky notes are an easy and efficient way to stay organized at work, home, and school – attach one to the wall or fridge and leave yourself or your family a reminder or plan. Use colorful sticky notes as visual calendars, like meal plan notebooks or flexible chore charts!

Sticky notes feature light adhesive on their back that allows them to adhere securely and quickly, then be detached without leaving a sticky residue behind – ideal for labeling everything from folders and wires on your desk to sections in a book!

Microsoft Sticky Notes software, available with Windows 7 and later, makes it easy to create electronic reminders on your computer screen. Integrated with Cortana, writing something such as your flight number in one of these notes will turn blue so you can click or tap to get up-to-date information about its status.

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