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5 Tips to Ensure Comfortable and Flattering Scrubs


Most medical personnel choose scrub suits as their uniform, from nurses to doctors. The scrub set has become the standard uniform for nurses in many countries. Hospitals have come up with regulations on the scrub’s color cut and fit. However, in most health-related institutions, nurses are permitted to wear scrub styles of their personal choice.

It cannot be denied that most female and male nurses want to incorporate a bit of fashion into their scrubs and want to look great on the job. Since you will be wearing scrubs for long periods, they must reflect your personality. Therefore, choosing a set that will complement your style is crucial. Brands like Elite Nurse offer scrubs in various colors and styles to suit everyone’s needs. Consider the tips given below to get the most out of your scrubs.

1. Is an expensive scrub always better?

Although you will need to spend more, purchasing scrubs from a reputable manufacturer is critical. You must never disregard quality. Remember that you will be wearing those scrubs for long hours in stressful shifts, and you cannot be bothered with poor quality material, lousy stitching, or fading colours. Invest in one good pair instead of a dozen pieces. Placing a premium on branded names doesn’t mean spending a lot of cash. Remember that most brands hold sales and offer discounts.

2. Should you go for something basic or trendy?

Style is a personal choice. If fashion is not a priority for you, you can go for something essential for your everyday needs. But, you might feel left out in your workplace if others are already wearing the latest trends. Your decision will depend on whether you will feel comfortable with a new look or not. You can discover if something aligns with you by trying out the different designs while at home or going out with friends on your day off. You will find that a new look may boost your self-confidence. However, finding the right scrubs will take a bit of trial and error. 

3. What kind of neck cut is best?

There is no harm in purchasing scrubs with different neck cuts. The deciding factor is if the scrub fits comfortably. Another thing you should bear in mind is your taste. Do you want to go for something basic or stylish? Example options include v-neck, mock wrap, and round neck. As long as your institution permits the style, go ahead and purchase them and make yourself look and feel good.

4. What should be considered when it comes to pockets?

Besides choosing comfortable scrubs, it is also critical to consider their functionality. Consider the stuff you usually put in your scrub’s pockets and how vital these essentials are. If storage space is a priority for you, go for a style with roomy pockets. Brands like Elite Nurse have scrubs with large pockets for your convenience.

5. What colour is best?

White-colored scrubs reflect on doctors and nurses. It looks clean, but you must be mindful of stains. White scrubs are magnets for dirt that comes with the profession.

However, some medical institutions allow their employees to choose the colour of their nursing scrubs. Hence, before purchasing your scrubs, you must factor in your institution’s colour scheme. If there are no specific guidelines, choosing dark colours such as black, navy blue, brown, and maroon is recommended. These colours hold stains much better compared to the lighter shades.

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