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2×2 LED Ceiling Lights


2×2 LED panel lights are an excellent way to illuminate commercial spaces easily. Simple installation means they will replace fluorescent panels seamlessly. They also come in various color temperatures. Get the Best information about rectangle led light panel.

LED wall washers are an excellent choice for office spaces, hospitals, schools, and retail spaces – either surface- or recessed-mounted for maximum flexibility.


LED flat panel lights are an innovative solution that can replace traditional fluorescent troffers, offering multiple advantages, including energy savings and improved lighting quality. Their sleek designs can enhance the aesthetics of your workspace as well.

Twox2 LED ceiling panels offer more uniform illumination than traditional fixtures, making them an excellent choice for office environments and commercial buildings. You can use a 0-10V dimmer switch to adjust brightness levels as needed.

Businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact should consider LED fixtures an energy-saving solution. They’re more energy efficient than fluorescent bulbs and emit less waste; plus, they don’t contain mercury that poses health hazards if released into the environment. Maintenance and replacement costs are lower, too – meaning your business could save money over time while, at the same time, safer alternatives exist for CFLs that may release toxic mercury gas when broken.

Color Temperature

Selecting the ideal color temperature for your 2×2 LED ceiling lights is significant in any space’s appearance and functionality. Warmer temperature lights may create a cozier feeling in your home, while more excellent colors provide a more clinical or clinical appearance.

These LED flat panel lights are intended to replace traditional fluorescent troffers in modern spaces with even, glare-free illumination. Each fixture has an acrylic even-glow panel that resists yellowing and distributes light evenly across the room, offering cost-effective lighting upgrades – each fixture can replace four fluorescent lay-in panels!

Each LED light features an easy-to-use switch that lets you select from three distinct color options: 3000K soft white, 4000K cool white, or 5000K bright white. Plus, they’re dimmable using standard 0-10V dimmers – perfect for drop ceiling surface mount or recessed mounting and damp rating reliability!


LED bulb brightness is measured in lumens, an output measure more closely representing what a traditional light bulb offers than watts. As lumen counts increase, so too does brightness in an LED fixture. LEDs are also energy efficient, using less power while emitting less heat, lowering air conditioning costs, and providing safer handling when touching them than incandescent bulbs which could otherwise cause burns to users’ fingers.

LED panels are an ideal way to replace fluorescent troffer fixtures in offices, schools, and hospitals. The installation uses a standard T-bar grid, making installation a straightforward process suited for new construction. Different configurations, such as surface mount, are also available.

This 2×2 LED flat panel offers backlit technology for uniform lighting without hot spots or shadows, perfect for replacing four-bulb fluorescent lay-in ceiling lights. Operating on 120-277V with its built-in 0-10V dimmer for custom control. Available in three color choices for optimal atmosphere: warm for ambiance lighting, excellent task lighting, or pure white clarity.


2×2 LED flat panels are an energy-efficient way to lower lighting costs and provide higher-quality illumination for commercial or residential settings. They can easily be integrated into existing drop ceilings to replace fluorescent panel lights, with multiple color temperatures available and a long lifespan.

The 2×2 LED light panel features a modern, slim design for home or office use. Equipped with an intuitive 0-10V dimmer for precise lighting control, this fixture can easily fit in a drop ceiling installation or surface mounting kit on walls. It can even be attached directly to ceilings for increased flexibility.

This LED panel light is designed to fit easily into T-Grid ceilings and is ideal for commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, and offices. With its high lumen output and low power consumption, it can save up to 60% in energy costs while boasting a long lifespan – plus, it comes in 40 watts to replace fluorescent panels of 150W or greater!

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