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Best Commercial Lawyers in Indianapolis


Are you starting a business or trying to settle an issue? A commercial lawyer can be invaluable. Use FindLaw to connect with a local commercial attorney and safeguard your business interests.

Gutwein Law assists startups with entity formation and governance, financing to start a company, operating difficulties, mergers & acquisitions, intellectual property protection, franchise law and more. Furthermore, they offer legal services to entrepreneurs so they can grow their businesses and create employment opportunities.

Church Langdon Lopp Banet Law

Church Langdon Lopp Banet Law is dedicated to client success, serving regions throughout Indiana and Kentucky with legal services in business law, family law, elder law, nursing home/Medicaid asset protection and dispute resolution as well as personal injury and criminal defense. Their attorneys are knowledgeable in these areas.

They possess years of expertise in handling legal matters for businesses and individuals, from contract drafting and review to long-term estate planning. Furthermore, they provide assistance to startups in understanding the law and how it can be utilized to their advantage.

The firm’s top-of-the-line attorneys will assist you in finding the appropriate solutions to your legal problems. They take time to comprehend all details of your case and devise a strategy tailored towards achieving results.

Gutwein Law

Gutwein Law offers a variety of services to its clients, such as business formation, private placements and financing.

Gutwein Law also assists clients in creating and executing estate plans. Whether you need a straightforward will or something more intricate that involves multiple trusts, Gutwein Law is here to assist you.

Employee Benefits and Tax Disputes

Attorney Phil Gutwein provides advice to employers, fiduciaries, trustees and third-party administrators on the design, installation and administration of employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs), as well as ERISA and non-ERISA matters. He also specializes in employee and executive compensation arrangements such as deferred compensation plans, stock options, retention strategies and severance packages.

Gutwein Law is a full service law firm with offices in Lafayette and Indianapolis. They have an established presence within the healthcare sector, working with healthcare providers, hospitals, health systems and private equity sponsors alike.

Castor Easton

Castor Easton attorneys have extensive expertise in assisting businesses with legal matters. These include business transactions, intellectual property protection, licensing, financing options and litigation.

The firm provides services to startups as well. Their legal team assists with the formation of new companies and fosters their growth.

They assist clients with the legal aspects of registering their business and complying with tax compliance. Furthermore, they offer guidance on protecting intellectual property through copyright and patent registrations.

The firm specializes in technology law, serving software-as-a-service and internet businesses. Their lawyers can assist with the formulation and negotiation of licensing agreements as well as custom development contracts. Furthermore, they provide legal counsel to businesses looking to raise capital through private equity or venture capital financing.

Ciyou & Dixon

Since 1995, Ciyou & Dixon has earned the respect of both its peers and clients for its legal expertise. The core philosophy that guided their founding remains unchanged today: every case has a unique story to tell; to maximize a client’s chances for success, lawyers must dedicate the necessary effort to fully comprehend all nuances, depths and complexities.

With nearly thirty years of experience, Ciyou & Dixon specializes in complex family law matters such as high-conflict divorce, child custody disputes, high net worth property division, international parental abduction cases and contested custody for mentally ill individuals. If you need guidance navigating divorce law or are facing an international family crisis, their Indianapolis-based firm can guide you through it all.

Jeffrey B. Risinger

As an Indianapolis startup lawyer, he assists businesses with entity formation and governance, financing to launch the business venture, operating challenges, mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, his services extend to personnel matters as well as intellectual property protection through copyright or trademark registrations.

Risinger has extensive experience assisting startups with a variety of legal matters. He has assisted numerous clients with entity selection and operations-related legal problems such as employee contracts, tax implications and insurance options.

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