What Causing Scabs In The Nose And Treatment Options?


A sore inside nose that won’t heal and has blood in it is the common presentation of a nose scab. Many people confuse it with the hard dried scab present in the nose. The dried and hardened mucus in the nose is common and is not harmful. Nose scab, on the other hand, is a bit serious and can be a symptom of an underlying disease. This article will explain the causes and treatment options of scabs.

Scabs In The Nose

The common presentation of a scab in the nose is the dried mass with blood. These scabs can be painful. They take a long time to heal as well. These scabs need immediate medical attention if you have had them for quite some time.

Causes Of Scabs In The Nose

There are many causes of nose scabs. Some most known causes are given below:


The structure of the nose is delicate. Any injury to the nose can lead to severe trauma build-up. If there was an injury and the skin of the nose or nasal passages were affected, scabs would form instantly. Trauma results in bleeding as well. The injury that can cause the nose scab can include rubbing, hitting, or scratching the nose. Some people have a common habit of picking their noses. Excessive picking of the nose can also cause the scab to develop. Avoid picking up the scab because it can lead to the development of more scabs.


HIV is the major contributor causing sinusitis and rhinitis. If a person is affected with HIV, they will be suffering from this condition. Sinusitis leads to the formation of a scab. This infection causes nasal bleeding. This bleeding turns into sabs once it dries off. The nose scab caused by this infection takes a lot of time to heal, and it is painful as well. If you are experiencing nose scabs along with toothaches, headaches that are worsening a night, and a stuffy nose, it must be HIV.

Environmental Dryness

When the weather changes, the level of humidity also changes. The dryness near winter is one of the most common complaints of people. It can also lead to the formation of a nose scab. Dryness causes the breaking of the skin inside the nose and can lead to nose scabs. If you think it is due to dryness, then the dryness must affect your lips and skin as well.


It is the inflammation of the sinuses. This swelling can also cause bleeding of the nose. The person suffering from sinusitis has continuous irritation. The irritation can lead to bleeding, and as a result, a nose scab is formed. There are multiple reasons for sinusitis. If the debris, dust particles, and mucus stay inside the trapped nasal passages, they can also make scabs. There can be multiple types of sinusitis, including long-term and short-term sinusitis. These infections can also spread further and will lead to respiratory infections.

Excessive Use Of Sprays

Many people have the habit of using nasal sprays. Some people use them to get better sleep. Excess of anything is bad, and this is the perfect description in the case of nose scabs. Nasal sprays increase dryness and cause debris to accumulate in the nasal passages. Once this happens, the formation of nose scabs starts. If using a nasal spray is necessary for you, add a saline solution to maintain the moisture. It will decrease the accumulation of dust particles.

Nasal Cancer

If the nose scab is in the shape of a hard and crusty scab and it is not healing, it is an indication of nasal cancer. These scabs are exceptionally hard and painful. If you are experiencing symptoms including nosebleeds, facial numbing, and pain in the ear, you may need immediate medical help.

Treatment Options

The treatment of nose scabs depends upon the condition that is causing it. If you have allergies or sinusitis, doctors will give you topical anti-bacterial and anesthetic ointments. They speed up the healing process. If the root cause of the scab is any viral infection, they will recommend antivirals. Allergy medications and oral antibiotics are also helpful in fighting the bacterial infections causing nose scabs.

A sore inside nose that won’t heal is also known as a nose scab. There are many causes of nose scabs. It is because of the excessive use of nasal sprays or due to allergies. The inflammation of nasal passages is also a contributing factor. Any trauma or injury to the sensitive skin of the nose can also start the formation of nose scabs. The treatment options include antiviral and anti-allergy medications.


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